Did they take our tree?

I’m a simple guy. I just wanna be a tree. Is that no longer a thing?

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Do you mean Treant Form? It’s just a cheap item you can buy here to have the (visual-only) spell forever:

Great name, btw.


yes! thank you

The original tree of life resto ability was removed over a decade ago, did you just come out of a coma?

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To be clear it does not provide any of the advantages it used to. It’s just a cosmetic at this point.

What IS fun is a hidden interaction.
Make a campfire, go into tree form, and stand in the campfire.
It gets worse the longer you stand in it.

Now you can RP as Teldrassil.


:dracthyr_no1: :dracthyr_no2:

That’s so wrong.

I must try this.