Did they scrap this idea?

To let us swap around our demons at the Barber (Specifically, Wrath/Felguard, and my 4 “succubus” variations), This was going to be added in the barber and let all 3 specs only have to buy the glyphs once.

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Would’ve been nice. Some more flavor to the class is what Warlocks have always been asking for. Being able to ‘tame’/enslave more demon variations and whatnot.

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Let me direct you too the official post,

We hope we get Demon Customisations… in one form or another. Bump the thread!

Barbershop option, glyphs or “Taming”, we need customisations.


I… Honestly am not sure what that means, other than being able to speak Demonic. Hunter Pets are very even now across the board, I do not want them to give the same treatment to Warlock demons because it would WRECK their usefulness… I do, however, like the ideaof using different skins… Felpuppy could be a Fel Boar, We already have 3 kinds of succubus (and Shivarra), Felhunters and Dreadstalkers could be interchangable, Plenty of variations of Beholders, Felguards, and Wrathguards (AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, LET THE WRATHGUARD DUAL WIELD SWORDS AGAIN.)

The devs were trying to figure out that bugged with dual wielding wrathguard. After a while I’m guessing they could not figure out what was causing it.

So instead they fix it by removing dual wielding.

Man this really bugs me :-\ Back when they introduced Grimoire of Supremacy and the Wrathguard was DWing 2 of the gladiator axes with that glyph, and just felt right.