Did they just totally give up on PVP?

I mean it’s been on a downhill slalom since the end of MOP imo


Hope you’re not talking about frontlines cuz its complete trash

I’m still having fun with random bg’s. I hope arena crashes and burns forever.


PvP died sometime between BfA and SL.

Solo Shuffle was a response to the mass exodus of PvP players. And it’s not even good, because queues are already too long- all the PvP players the system would have benefited have already gone.

And the M+ folks will have you believe WoW is alive and well, because they don’t see beyond their own guilds or cliques they play with. “WoW wasn’t designed for PvP,” They will say. Well, it wasn’t designed for E-Sports either, but they forced it in and we’ve got M+ now, for good or for worse.

PvP is more alive in Classic, which has me believing that playing retail as a PvP player is a mistake- the superior PvP is over there, lmao. Imagine if that was the case for dungeons and raids too? Man, the ball has been dropped, or they just don’t care anymore because they don’t see money in investing in PvP.

Shame, because WoW has unique PvP and people def like to play MMO PvP, as most MMOs have that kind of avenue.

Cosmetics sell, but they’d rather sell them than offer more rewards/carrots to have people play for them. They’d rather just sell them to you. Classic, that wasn’t/isn’t the case.

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It is a shame. I have yet to play another MMORPG where the PVP functionality feels perfect. What I mean is its clear, timing is right, colors awesome, enemy identity, etc… etc… All the best out there imo… Where they completely lose it is in balance and neglect. I mean, the last BGs they threw in where small and PVE related. Pure garbo.

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This is the only blue post I have seen about battleground content being developed, from back in March:

Hopefully something shows up on one of the next PTRs


That thread makes me sad, because Ashran is even worse now. I’m on the last Nemesis quest, and with ever run being a back door, I average one kill per five ques. PvE to win in PvP is so very wrong.

why only on pvp?
overwatch 1 was masterpiece and i wanted to check what current situation is. because i will not upgrade my windows without reason.
and found out that overwatch 2 was released in steam.
I can only read the reviews there with popcorn.

lets hope after that survey a couple months ago where pvp ranked second for favorite activities by the players they start putting more into pvp .

Observer was and still is ugly.

this is true, but it was shown to have major success in PvPs overall participation.
SL S1 had some of the most gladiators ever, but then people complained about having to pvp to pve, and vice versa, so it’s a double edged sword. ppl gonna whine no matter what u do

PvP realms should have never been taken away.

They seem to have given up in general. Dragonflight started with frequent balance fixes to PvP, raids, M+, and classes. Now they’re just letting stuff sit and fester so much they have to nerf the entirety of M+ to make up for it.

LOL wow pvp has been unbalanced probably since the game started.

I have every class at 70. If you play pvp you may want to give it a shot having multiple chars, esp if you heal just level all the healers. Solo, it takes about 6-9 hours to level 1-60 and another 3-6 to 60-70 if you know what you’re doing now.

It takes about 1-3 hours to get the first level of pvp gear depending on what bonuses are up that week. Or you can buy off AH the stuff below that.

I want to heal in PVP. I loved healing in PVP in previous expansions. I’ve never been a top PVPer by any stretch, but it’s always been fun thing to do to break up some of the repetitive PVE stuff. However, this expansion has been terrible. I made it a lot further in Season 1 when I was doing it before I quit. This season, though, I haven’t made it far at all. I am 1599 in RSS and in the time it took me to get to 1599 in RSS (my toon doesn’t even have enough conquest pieces to have tier set), I’ve been roasted and flamed as being a crappy healer that shouldn’t be playing and it was entirely my fault people won 0/6 rounds. Now, the logical part of my brain realizes that it is not indeed my fault, since for 4/6 of those rounds I won and that person doing the roasting lost, but it still makes me not want to even bother. Why would I want to heal PVP if I am just going to be the object of people’s frustration at their own ineptitude?

Quite frankly, my number one reason for not bothering with PVP this expansion is solely because of the playerbase of people doing it. Everyone whines there aren’t any healers, but the moment a healer queues in and tries to play in this unbalanced cesspool of a season, they’re roasted because the elemental shaman got railroaded 6 rounds in a row.

During the BFA to Shadowlands transition…

You had the “game manager” Ion basically tell PvPers to “Git Gud” in regard to both extreme class imbalance and huge gear gaps in PvP. Completely invalidating many experienced players concerns and complaints.

(Sarcastically) What a huge surprise that soon after there was a huge exodus of PvP players to numerous other games.

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Solo Shuffle is broken for healers. Don’t go near that. I hate that and won’t play it. You get no rewards, everyone just zergs the healer, and the players are completely toxic.

Arena (with friends) and RBGs (even PUGs) are fine. Epic BG PUGs are usu fun.

Solo shuffle is one of the biggest things to happen to PVP ever so I don’t think it’s fair to say they gave up on PVP. But it sucks that they haven’t made more progress in balance and rating issues. I also would have loved to see solo rated BGs this expansion. There was a lot of opportunity to expand PVP in DF and so far they haven’t done much.

This could be an underlying rationale for ignoring PvP development. It may not be a good return on investment.

The value of a $14.99 sub back in Classic is worth $24.19 today after accounting for inflation. Since they haven’t raised the sub price ever over 19 years, they need new revenue sources to keep up with the rising cost of doing business compared to the cost at Vanilla launch.

I’d rather they did away with the In-Game Cash Shop altogether (maybe Tokens could stay to keep 3rd party RMT sites from rising in popularity if Blizz stopped offering them) and raise the sub to $24.99. They could still have a web-site shop for selling subs, game time, Tokens, and expansions, but that’s all they should offer if they raise the sub to account for inflation since 2004.

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it takes me 3 days

I leveled a mistweaver monk last night to lvl 50 in 8 hours. It’s not hard.