Did they change the character model eyes?

Just noticed that my DK’s eyes seem slightly different, more pronounced, like clearer or something. Then started looking at other toons and their eyes just look different somehow. Their pupils are more distinct, and the swirl in blood elf eyes are gone. Maybe I haven’t noticed and they robbed us of something else when I wasn’t paying attention.

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They changed the DK eye glow effect. Instead of being blue lanterns it’s closer to a blue flame/smoke effect. I know they were working on some other eye effects but I’m not sure about everything that got changed.


Ya they updated all the glowy eyes with 8.3 including the races.

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It more than just glowy, DK’s eye is black from the side. It looks like a void elf, or a photo negative. The wisps of arcane are very lich kingy.

All races with some form of glowing eyes had updates to them. It’s the first step towards more changes in Shadowlands.

Here was the blue post on it, though this was older and only mentions a few of the races.


Have mostly been playing Mechagnomes but basically yes, it looks more natural whereas before it looked like a night elf with a green glaze in front of its pupils (at the right angle you could see it too!).

Thanks, I didn’t see that in my search.

wonder what other changes they have wasted time implementing now…

Eh, wasnt really time wasted, a lot of people wanted eyes fixed.
Im always for fixes like that, now if we can convince them to go back and rig armor to the models correctly… one can dream.


It’s not a waste. Eyes have been a mess for a while. We had balls of flashlight glow in floating in front of Belf, Velf and DK eyes for too long. Flashlights with no definition were also an issue. This is step one in giving us something much better with more definition.

Elves got an eye update. They look a little less dead now. It looks like there’s actually life in the eyes now.

I don’t blame them really for taking awhile to get it right. Eyes are tricky to get right. Do them wrong and you get some kinda uncanny valley thing since we use our eyes a lot as we’re talking to people. “Windows to the soul” and all.

Not sure if it’s just me, but I swear Undead eyes are a bit diff now too.