Did the token restriction go in today?

Perhaps, but I’m thinking a 4th quarter minor cash grab is more likely. The whole thing reeks of spreadsheet Q4 to me.

The 2017 date is so long ago, and 2 years after the token came out for some odd reason. I’m probably wrong, but this new arbitrary rule doesn’t make much sense.


I wonder if it counts buying expansions with real money. I haven’t spent real money on the sub since the token came out, but I have bought a few of the expansions with real money.

pretty sure they specifically specified you HAVE to have purchased GAME TIME with either a prepaid game time card or credit/debit card with the cutoff being 2017.

The expansions come with game time? I was able to buy a token today so either that counts or they haven’t put the restrictions in.

only if you buy the epic editions they do.

This is the part that I believe you’re referring to.

uhm yeah thats what i was referring to.

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I’m guessing people were stocking up in the last few days because right now the gold price for the token on retail is dropping like a stone, presumably due to low demand from those with gold.

It is now at 261k and falling fast, but it was at 347k at 8:00am PST this morning.

/moo :cow:

My understanding is that the price is lowering due to an abundance of tokens on the market versus the people buying them with gold. Supply high/demand low. :person_shrugging:

Other options count, such as buying expansions and bundles. Confirmed in CS and GM tickets.

I’m surprised there would be that many people who would stock up, worried they would not be able to buy any more tokens. But I shouldn’t complain. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen the token price this low, so I just bought two tokens with gold tonight.


I just tried to buy a token for gold and I wasn’t able to.

What gives?

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Blizzard wants everyone using their service to purchase gametime via their shop at least once since (currently) 2017. I believe this has to be money you put in personally not via a token purchase.

I been paying USD monthly since vanilla.

huh, no idea than.


Big sad


i bought a month of sub and i cant buy new tokens - it errors out :frowning:

Maybe they ran out of token :dracthyr_shrug:
Anyone else able to buy with gold?

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the price would be going up not down.

it is an interesting theory though… but the error is just something like “action failed”.

someone said resetting the UI worked for him? shrug