Did TBC pvp season just end?

multi dollar company

Ah and just forget to check in, update it, do some work?
Totally overlooked it? For months?

Don’t make excuses for this level of incompetence.

And time and again when they schedule something it always goes poorly.
At what point do you learn better?


Very much and TBC has been a let down personally.

Its fine, we got prepatch next week for sure so there wont be much more coping to do

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100% pure copium right there

The retail season ended (intentionally) today.
I would bet money they simply accidentally applied the change to both versions of the game.

And by ‘they’ i mean the single 17 year old intern assigned to classic ‘development’


Hey intern “pull that lever to turn off s4 of retail, WRONG LEVER”

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Happened literally as my partner and i were about to do our 10 cap games rip

call it, dont fix please

unless you can rollback servers, please dont fix this

As I said, HOW MANY TIMES will they do this?!


“pull that lever to put 50% xp buff on tbc, WRONG LEVER”
“Quick make a cover story, we meant to do it all along!”

mate, investigating isnt enough, sort this crap out, you people are actively ruining everyone’s experience of this game, if this isnt fixed before i can play my tuesday games I QUIT. and i encourage everyone else who cares about the state of the game to quit as well.
absolutely useless. yet another blunder from blizzard.


It’s wild that retail got like, a month notice of the season ending, right?


guys lets be real if u werent glad yet u werent getting it anyway so should just leave it over :slight_smile: .


Going to be honest you guys messed up my arena points I teamdisbanded and went to farm up a new team… this wasn’t a bug it was a unfixed issue that needed to be addressed. I myself and a bunch of individuals I know are going to quit if you guys have another mess up like this in an arena context, which is something you already have done in Season 2. Now it’s no 2 week warning and boning people out of a whole night qing? You should honestly do two week not this tuesday but the 9th, which would in turn give us a month of pre-patch as originally promised. We’ve had short seasons all of tbc in comparison and it’s a little ridiculous that something was overlooked such as an automated season ending or whoever implenented the live arena season ending just threw tbc in with it concurrently…

Please address these issues and give another week to compensate, in reality having a month and a week long pre-patch is odd anyways. It should be a month. Thanks


oh no dont quit please

prepatch im guessing isnt gonna hit till aug 29 or even the first week of sept they said it was a bug they are working to fix it

I garantee you there will be thousands who quit if this doesn’t fix it’s almost not worth the time or effort if you primarily play this game to pvp


This seems likely and also a huge oversight. Forgetting that you scheduled a code migration is a pretty big “oopsie” in the development word…

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what will u do without ur challenger title

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