Did not receive Burgeoning Battlefield Furor from Weekly PvP Chest

Thats pretty much Identical to what they sent me, I just re-upped asking if the bug was getting fixed if I earned it then why do i need to re-earn it with it not being a seasonal reward. Lets hope escalating works as some others have said it does!

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I was told the same thing and honestly I’m not surprised. It feels really really REALLY bad to have to re grind something just because of an internal bug…

I was given the same response. I refuse to regrind for the 1 week of items I needed on both toons… if I had actually needed more than this one week I wouldn’t of minded so much. I am going to keep resubmitting tickets till they fix it. They said in their response to me it’s a bug, but want me to waste my hours to farm rating again on both toons naw not happening.


This is not a good response/resolution to this issue. “Everybody else in your situation didnt get it, so its fair now”

No. Its not. I grinded past 1600 specifically to get 5 more Furors since I was already at 11. Now I’m being told to do it again because of a bug on Blizzard’s end? Thats unacceptable. Everybody knows PvP seasons are significantly harder when they first start as opposed to the middle or toward the end. I dont have time to grind that high this week, so guess what that means? Its gonna be 2 more weeks until I get my essence.

Im being told to just do it over again, now that its significantly harder, when I did everything right the first time? That’s entirely unfair. I don’t usually get angry with Blizzard when we have disagreements, but honestly this feels really, REALLY bad.

I don’t even need ANY of the gear that drops out of the weekly chest. None of it. I did it specifically for the Furor’s. The issue should be to restore the correct amount of furor’s to anybody who puts a ticket in that they can verify. I cant believe I’m being told to do it again when it will take even longer now.



Agree 100% I purposely planned my ratings on my two toons and the time I had to get conquest rating done during the holidays to have rank 3 C&S on both my toons with this cache. I honestly can’t believe they expect me to grind to fix their mistake.


Same here, and now its even more fun because I have to grind for a specific rating to have it by next tuesday otherwise I have to do ANOTHER week :slight_smile: #idontenjoypvppleasestopmakingmedoit

Don’t let the thread die. I took a screenshot. If they decide to delete it we have some back up to post on /r wow etc.

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Same issue :frowning:


I replied to the ticket 16 hours ago after being told the CS leadership won’t approve individually giving out Furors (even though it was a bug in the game and bugs usually get fixed and people get their lost loot back. And that’s what this is, a simple lost loot bug).

Adding insult to injury, the article they’ve linked me states:

Mythic Keystone and PvP chests that are opened this week reflect Season 3 rewards earned the prior week, and cannot be Corrupted, but may Warforge/Titanforge.

If they’re saying that they cannot grant the tokens because Season 3 was over, then they’re saying that it’s tied to Season 3 rewards. If they’re tied to Season 3 rewards, then the PvP chest should reflect “Season 3 rewards earned the prior week” . Not to mention I was able to complete the achievement for reaching a rating of 1750 on JANUARY 19th which is after the season supposedly “closed”

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The information being provided in tickets is contradicting all forum posts about this topic…

From the Bugs subcategory in the “Support Contact Channels” post:

“ Note: If a possible bug has seriously affected your character in a way that requires Game Master intervention (lost items, reputation, raid progress, etc.), Open a ticket so we may investigate the situation.

From the “What to expect” post for January 21st:

I don’t understand why we’re being given the run-around when we did everything right.



I’ve read your ticket about not receiving your Burgeoning Battlefield Furor for your Conflict and Strife essence from the weekly PvP chest for the week of January 21st.

Unfortunately, no players are receiving Furor from this weekly chest. It will start dropping in the chest on January 28th.

Here’s the latest information we have about it, posted here:
Link to updated Furor FAQ

Due to how eligibility for this item is calculated, nobody will receive any Burgeoning Battlefield Furor in the first week of season 4.

I know that’s upsetting, especially because PvP is a lot of effort these days. However, that’s our Dev crew’s official stance for this particular week, so we here in Customer Service have to follow their lead. Even aside from that, since this issue affects all players for the week, it would be very unfair for us to provide only a few players a restoration, and not everyone that’s affected. So, those of us here in CS are not providing restorations of any missing Furor.

If any restoration could be done, only our Dev crew could get it done for everyone affected.

There isn’t any other information or assistance we could provide for this specifically. If you’d like restoration done, or if you want to provide any other feedback about this particular issue, please reach out to our Dev crew through the Suggestion button or a post on the WoW forums. They’ll be able to track your feedback through those channels and make any decisions or announcements in response.

What they just responded to me, Why isnt this just being restored if its effexting everyone, they are so quick to take items away when its not supposed to happen (M+ Box items at the start of Season 2), but not when its a direct detriment to players, “nah just grind it again.”

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I got the exact same response and honestly I’ve never had such an issue with something as small as this before. I shouldn’t have to do it all over again just because nobody got it. That’s not how you treat customers. You say “sorry for the inconvenience, here’s the fix!” I’ve worked in customer service for years and I’ve never heard of a company telling it’s customers their time isn’t valued.

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After anyone starts feeling symphony for the devs, they rip the carpet underneath your feet.

It was their mistake and players are suffering because of it. I won’t forget this that’s for sure. I am usually very patient and understanding of the developer’s situation but this is REDICULOUS. I gained gear, and ap from the cache. The thing i was grinding for was the furors, which is an essence requirement. They set players back an entire week.

There is zero justification for this, if you know about the essence system this is insanely ridiculous. You do A activity you expect to be rewarded for it.

Everyone here knows that furors are NOT a seasonal reward, and hiding a very important character power would be very bad design. So it’s either very bad design or a mistake. So which is it?


Not to mention that if the 3-5 tokens (depending on your rating) were not granted due to the season resetting, then shouldn’t we have received ONE SINGLE token in the PvP Chest as any rating 0-1399 grants 1 token? This was clearly an oversight on Blizzard’s end and CS cannot tell us it was “not a bug” since nobody received a single token to begin with

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CS has stated it was a bug to me twice, they’ve acknowledged it was a bug. CS can’t restore them because the dev team told them not to. It says so in my ticket. Not sure why we’re not restoring lost loot.

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Just echoing the sentiment as a PVE-centric player. PVP players do not benefit from having me or other irritated players in their arenas, and suffice it to say I am highly irritated with having to spend yet another week in rated arenas just to get back to what I actually want to do.


I probably wont have the right rating until Sunday or Monday night. Probably will have to wait ANOTHER week if I dont hit 1600. Cant believe I have to do this all over again.

Lol. Customer Service basically told me that if I keep opening up the ticket, then my account will face punishment

I demand my Burgeoning Battlefield Furor, I rightfully earned them thus will keep spamming tickets until this is resolved