Did I just get hit with the Bait and Switch?

I have been on a hiatus from WoW for about 8 months now. Yesterday I figured that I would log into Battlenet to see what latest goings-on are. I saw something on my screen saying that it could upgrade my main to be up-to-date for raiding,etc. I figured why the heck not and it gave me some new gear, it said. Then a few hours later, I decided to load up my level 5 toon and just go kill some time. Thats when I saw the mail icon next to my main(the one I upgraded) in the chracter select screen. Problem is, I do not have a subscription and have no intention of getting one until War Within is released. With the mail expiring of 30 days, am I going to lose my pre-upgraded gear thats sitting in my mail box if I dont resub in order to get to my mail?

You will eventually get it. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. The gear you will get once the expansion starts will replace all of that within a few hours I would expect.

The items will be lost if they stay in the mailbox past 30, but as Seven said very replaceable gear and wouldnt worry about it much.

Bait and switch…Yep, they got ya with the oldest scam in the books…