Did Horrific Visions Get Easier?

Normally I’m only able to get 2 medium zones and the final boss done, but today I did a full clear of orgrimmar with 1 orb left over. Did the horrific visions get nerfed?


You did vision today with cloak level 11. Last week you probably did it with cloak level 10.

Level 11 reduces corruption loss in visions by 65%. Compared to 50% with cloak level 10. Result is your cloak goes up in level, visions do get easier.

Also, if you managed to get one of the bigger talents on the vision research tree, those help a lot.

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your cloak has a main stat proc that gives roughly 30% increase in main stat

that is contributing to the ease.

You got better.

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My gear hasnt changed and from last orgrimmar to this one i’m doing 3 masks with 2 orbs left over compared to full clearing with 1 orb with no masks.

I think the cloak going to 65% certainly helps quite a bit, but I was at 50% at the start of this week and did 2 masks + 2 orbs.

You are a DH, you should have been full clearing it weeks ago with garbage gear…


I did a full clear with 1 orb left (no masks), could have, if I wanted to, finished with 2 orbs left. But I didn’t want to risk it at that point.

I chalk it up to

-Org is SERIOUSLY way easier than SW
-They made Org easier still (I almost two-shot the Corrupted zones bosses, and the only gear I’ve upgraded since last time was my cloak), at least, the bonus objectives: it felt like they upped Thrall a bit, gave him some windfury procs or something
-The Org Lost zones already had a super easy effect (IMO, the shadow copies was already one of the easiest effects out of all we’ve seen) to work around and they went ahead and made it outright negligible; I find it actually easier than the bugs.

And this is on me but:

-I did prep this time and have a stack of k’bab on me. Ate two in my run, and avoided TONS of mobs.

I dunno, I was at cloak level 9 today to start.
Went from doing the two side areas and then Thrall, to full clears today.

My gear is pretty garbo too.
Running as arms as well.

OP might have a point guys.


The masked affixes in orgrimmar are definitely way more annoying than stormwind.

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I guess I’ll have to up my game and git gud.

it’s not really a git gud. It’s just on the lost zone having lead foot + fear that you need to run away from, compared to stormwinds lead foot + stand still or get stunned. Orgrimmar masked parings actually make the content harder. Stormwinds just don’t do anything.

pretty sure they nerfed some things didnt they? also dont forget about your mother tree read those numbers they are pretty big buffs

That actually sounds interesting and like I’m missing out on the actual content. I got the first mask, so I’ll work this week on getting …two? I can get on Org?

Only horrific vision nerfs was for Umbric as far as i’ve seen in the hotfixes.

First mask is from full clearing. the other four are completing lost zones with a mask.
Hardest mask>Easiest
Long night (Full clear mask -Half sanity)>Mask of the daredevil(Rexxar mask -400% increase sanity dmg from NPCs)> mask of the pained(Shaw mask -2 affixes instead of one) >Mask of dark imagination (Umbric mask - add spawns under 50% sanity)> Mask of the burned bridge (Valley of wisdom lost zone - leave behind puddles where you walk. Just don’t walk backwards).

You’ll probably want to always run burned bridge if you can. it’s a free bonus to mementos. Umbric mask is also basically something that should always be run. SHaw mask can be annoying but it’s just knowing how to deal with 2 affixes. Rexxar is a pain in the butt and half sanity is awful when you also have rexxar.

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He got turned into a newt?!?


Read the patch notes. The only nerf was to a zone end boss in Stormwind. Baseline Orgrimmar Horrific Visions are no less difficult than they were two weeks ago. You have better cloaks, gear, titan research, and in some rare special cases, skill. Additionally, the Madness combos this week are on the easy side.


It felt a lot easier for me as well. I only had to use 1 orb to do 1 nomral and 1 medium + boss. I think rank 10 gave resistance and didn’t notice a difference last week so its not the cloak making it easier.

Increased cloak, more vision traits maybe?
As far as I’m aware the only one that was nerfed was SW so that shouldn’t affect this weeks visions.