Did casting bars exist in vanilla?

I’ve been seeing casters hard cast but with no visual. Is it something you can toggle?

There is one addon to see casting bar.

They didn’t exist in the default UI. Neither did mob HP numbers.

Addons existed to show both but were estimates based on gathered data, maybe some database banks with old ACE libraries/databases.

Damn that’s crazy. When were they added?

There is a cast bar in the default UI.

Right click on you portrait, go to the last option “Move Frame” and check “Cast Bar Underneath”

That’ll put a cast bar right under your player frame.

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Yep. They were estimated. It would also suck in PvP because opponents could cancel cast and the casting bar would just continue as if they didn’t.

For me or the target?

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For you.

I don’t see the option for the target.

Pretty sure this is about enemy castbars. We can all very easily see our own.

Answer: no, they were added later.

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Healers could fake out a heal by using their Hearth Stone. Enemy would interrupt their hearth then they could heal!