Did Blizz delete all my data?

So I turn on my PC and the app wants me to install WoW, sometimes it does that, so I show it where the game is installed. But I login and the game settings are all reset. Ok annoying, I set them to something I can work with, then I log into the game and all my mods are blank. For some reason it remembers useless data like what were the top DPS in the last fight I was in but all my data from TRP and such are gone, and the UI elements are all back to default.

Did Blizz just delete all my stuff for no reason?

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Yeah, everything in “saved variables” is gone. Thanks Blizz. I don’t think there’s a way for me to get the data back. Why is this a thing?

It isn’t. If you are frequently having to locate the game files for the launcher, something is wonky with your computer. I would wager you have a permissions problem or a security program problem. Not really my strong suit but i’d first wonder if you have the game installed on an external hard drive or something.


Lots of external drives are not formatted properly for the game. Blizzard only supports NTFS. If it’s on your main drive, it means you have a permission issue or hard drive issue. The first can be fixed with a new admin account, the second may require hardware diagnosis/replacement.


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