Did anyone try Venthyr Aff or Destr?

Since 9.15 launched, heard Venthyr Aff and Destruction are good, seriously? Any info to share? :sweat_smile:

I’ve been Venthyr the entire expansion until 9.1.5. It is not good when compared to the other specs.

where are you hearing that from lol

Did you just make a bad decision or really want the tmog?

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I really enjoyed the aesthetic and truly believed Blizzard would fix the imbalance between the covenants. My heart sank each time it wasn’t addressed and I really considered unsubbing since it became apparent they didn’t care.


So at least as far as aff is concerned, the dps loss being venthyr does sting, but I did really enjoy the many times my tanks accidentally overpulled or some chaos ensued and we survived by the skin of our teeth and I know the mobs were actually like 20-30% less effective than they should have been.

I did a test these days,by using Venthys legend+the covenant skill-inpending catastrophe,for M+ specifically,the inpending catastrophe can take up to 20-30% damage in total. It’s kind of cool.