Diablo Event

I can see you don’t understand world server lag vs. graphical lag.

Calm down, understand that if someone’s framerates drop enough to lag them, that’s not the server and I had no issues on high pop servers at all.

Anyway… moving on…

World server ms is almost certainly going to increase from thousands of players attacking the same mob. What do you think that means?


World server has been fine. I think you’re just making stuff up at this point. No one I’ve talked to on any of the high pop servers has seen the world server ms go up. None that I’ve seen on my high pop servers either.

Sorry, but this is just drama for the sake of drama. There’s absolutely going to be graphical lag with how many people are around if your effects are turned up. But not once have I heard anyone claim the server is crashing. Until you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope you feel better soon. Have a good day.

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Not enjoyable at all. It lags the zone and makes doing anything miserable for ppl with low end PCs.

10.1 is the laziest patch ever.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: lol bro what

With how close we are to the start of the season, we do not want to have these feel required for those still progressing or competing in the top tier content. They will be disabled in instanced content throughout the game.


More bag space hogging. yay

Any chance the charm items could just be made into a re-usable augmentation rune then with the same stats as the current one Draconic Augment Rune?

Maybe a Diabolic Augment Rune that only works while the event is up?


Everything is always a skill issue.

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Y’all are seeing treasure goblins? I haven’t figured out where they are or are spawning yet lol.

spawning in SW in 1 minute

Here you go:

As it should be. No idea why people always act surprised when these events roll out and something inevitably ends up being nerfed. Power in this game has always only ever come from raids, dungeons/M+, or PvP and nothing else. I don’t know why anyone would expect anything different. These events are meant as a silly little break from the daily grind that can be freely ignored and not something that is a mandatory farm.

thats the meme

Can y’all please eliminate mounts and target dummies within 100 yards of the portal, please?


Always catering to the top 1%. These cry babies and their logs. These are the ridiculous changes that kills the RPG aspect of the game we use to love. When players start to leave because you guys decide to keep pushing this trash esport mentality, just remember; we told you so.


I think I found my thread describing how wonderful, glorious and just sheer happy people seem to be regarding this latest event.

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It affects people at all levels of play, though? I don’t imagine most casuals relish the idea of making sure they’ve got a pile of these for their raid night.

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Yea but knowing blizz’s drop rates there will be someone who did it every day and didn’t get half the things.