DH Tank 8/8 Heroic exp LF Raid team

Good evening everyone!
I am currently looking for a home for 8.3 and onward. Would like a weekend raiding guild but that is not a deal breaker.

MC full cleared back when current content.
Onx 40
Knight title in PVP.
Kara full cleared
SSC full cleared
GL cleared
TK Cleared
BT cleared
Sunwell up to M’uru when current.
Naxx 10/25 cleared
OS 3d cleared
eye cleared
uld cleared to mim when current.
TOC cleared. TOGC cleared to champions
ICC 25man cleared at 20% buff.
To keep cata short Cleared all at current content on heroic besides rag
MSV us 117th kill on emp
HOF emp kill at us 345th
Taking a break to the end of WOD;
AOTC on all raids on this listed expansion
AOTC for every raid with a mythic kill here and there.
Now that we are past the experience current ilvl 429 equipped. Looking to see what I can find. Looking for at-least an AOTC guild if not pushing some mythic content.
thank you for the look!
Add me on Bnet RoboWizard#11285 or on discord. Aeolwinds#8002

Hey Robo! I’m pretty sure we’re already bnetted because I admire that char name everytime I see it lol.

Beach Justice
Server : Andorhal/Scilla/Ursin/Zuluhed
Faction : Alliance

Current Progression : TEP: 4/8M; BoD 5/9M; LFM to push Mythic prog
Raid Schedule : Tuesday/Thursday 9:00p-12:00 EST
Monday (9:00p-12:00 EST) – Alt Run
Sunday (9:00p-12:00 EST) –RBGS Team/Arenas
Mythic+ Guild Groups run throughout the week

Why the Beach?
First and foremost, we’re not just a guild, we’re family. We’re a current content progression raiding guild focused primarily on clearing content (while having fun) and furthering our progression into Mythic TEP. We consider ourselves serious/casual as we’re a guild of friends/raiders who have come to terms with the fact that we actually have lives outside the game but an addiction to slaying pixels.

What we’re looking for:
Needs: Monk (dps/heals), Mage, Rogue, Druid (dps), Priest (heals/dps), Warrior, Shaman (heals/dps); considering all competent/mature players
Requirements: Voice Chat: Discord; Addons: DBM, Angry Assignments

If interested contact: Syngent#1846 or Footos#1997