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Can we get a blue post about the plans for DH moving forward?

The patch notes seemed to have skipped over them.

Here? No.

When there are plans or updates for them, they’ll be in patch notes. Pretty much nowhere else.


I understand I just don’t see any for Demon Hunter. I think they missed them in the notes.

What did you need or what were you expecting to see?

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We just had the 10.0.5 patch drop. The patch notes for 10.0.7 are nowhere near complete and final. If there are any DH changes, they will be added when they are added.

As you have been told multiple times, CS has no involvement with the development of the game. Please stop fishing for Blue posts on matters they have no say in.


I see every other class got an updates and notes the last few patch notes. I haven’t seen anything for DH.

I think they forgot to include DH in the notes.

Edit: no reason to be rude, I am just saying it looks to be missing.

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Death Knights didn’t get any general changes mentioned in 10.5 either. They got some PvP attention, but that was it.

It happens. It generally means that they are happy with the current abilities, powers, and balance of the class.


Understood, I just assumed it was missing.

I was just confused by your questions, I wasn’t being rude. I don’t think I remember anything being forgotten from patch notes. As someone said they aren’t done or maybe there isn’t any changes. I would wait though before it’s final to start questioning.


I mean the 10.5 notes are final and for 10.7 it should be brought up before it’s final so the team has ample time to fix it beforehand.

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I don’t know how many additions could be made to a pending patch. What will go into them is usually planned pretty far out. You’ll usually see some adjustments based on PTR testing, but I don’t know if the Game Developers would be adding content that they may not have been planning for, outside of bug fixes, etc…

In either case, I’d recommend posting in the Demon Hunter forum with any suggestions/feedback you may have. While there is rarely a response to that feedback on the forums, it is collected and read by our Community Team for the Developers.


I’m not advertising for changes here, I just noticed the hat DH was missing from the last few posts and other classes were not. I simple wanted to know if this was intentional or something to report.

If there is no mention of them in current released patch notes, it means that the Devs haven’t included any changes to that class for this patch. You should also note that Mages and Death Knights had no mention in the 10.0.5 notes. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be changes in the future, but that there may have been more significant changes for this patch that took precedence.


In other words, no news is good news as far as Demon Hunters go, at least we aren’t getting a nerf.


Look at it this ferals have recieved few nerfs or buffs either so thats a good thing.

PvP changes for DH