DH LF mythic+ dungeon guild


Just came back to game after an 8 month break. I’ll be maining a vengeance DH this time around. I used to tank with a paladin for most of my time playing WoW. Looking for a guild that is focused on pushing 10+. Raiding is good too but primarily m+. I’m on blades edge. Thanks :pray:


Hi Mulhuntr,

If you’re open to server transferring we might be a great fit for you we have serious mythic+ content and raiding.

Chaosbeards - Alliance Dalaran

3/9M 2/2H

About Chaosbeards:

We’re a group of friends that wanted a place to test our abilities, have transmog themed raid nights, and have a good time. We’re also open to casuals who want a solid community of active players always looking some one for mythic+, raids, transmog runs and more. (Beards are not required join)

We have numerous people who push keys and have range of RaiderIO scores from 1000 to 2300. There is no set night for this and often happens naturally over the course of the week. In addition we do mythic+ keys with a number of people outside of our guild as well.

Raid Schedule:

8pm - 11pm EST Tuesday
8pm - 11pm EST Thursday

Drunk Run (Optional) 8:30-~11pm EST Saturday.

Raid Expectations:

We take a serious but healthy approach to raiding with the expectation of doing more in less time. This means doing research, coming prepared to fights, self accountability, and a willingness to learn and improve. We are all AOTC raiders, some with mythic experience and are looking for a few more raiders to bolster our roster with the goal of mythic progression. We also have regular mythic+ keystone groups.

Expectations for Recruitment:

We expect consistent performance representative of your gear level and a level-headed professional attitude, but we don’t necessarily demand top-tier mythic raiding output. Applicants will go through an interview followed by 2-3 weeks of raiding as trial status.


You can contact me via bnet, Devisaur#1300.