DH lf guild at least 6/9M

Good morning everyone,

I am here to look for a guild to raid with that is at least 6/9M, I have 6/9M experience but my guild did not kill Conclave and King during those pulls, almost but not quite so I feel confident in those fights too. I will post logs down below and please note I got some good upgrades but never had a chance to use them so my dps would be a bit higher than what is seen in these logs. I am also linking down below my character screen for my item level. This will help you find any additional logs that you may want to browse. My ilvl in the logs are 397 and I am now 407 so please note my dps in relation to others that are higher ilvl than I was.



** please note for the next 3 weeks or so, I will be at school until roughly around 10 pm EST on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. These are the only times I am finding that conflict with guilds raid schedules.

I’ll give Katz a bump.

If you are flexible with your times at all feel free to check us out!