Devs motivated to destroy what makes classes unique

Hope everyone enjoy clothies being tanks.


This doesn’t even put cloth above leather, but it does move plate almost down to mail.

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Splay finally viable.


it makes them significantly tankier than they need to be.

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It’s ok, our ret overlords will keep them in line.


Armour classes effecting damage intack is a dumb relic of vanilla. It’s stupid in a solo shuffle game that in 90% of then the kill target is just whatever has the least armour.

Also armour classes do not make characters unique. Their abilities and mechanics do.


can we stop pretending that armour discrepancies weren’t absolutely insane atm? like come on guys

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its less about armor, and more whoever puts out no damage while being trained or outright wins the game left alone


you and your opinion are bad

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you are never the kill target because of your armor. That is ooolddd. You’re the kill target because when left unchecked you are going to spam CC and do a bunch of damage.


Looks like boomy is gonna be trained even more. Oof.

You realize most likely to be killed by data almost strictly corresponds to armor right?

Alright forever rival, the sky is falling because your going to have to pick between targets more equally.

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you realize the ppl with the lowest armor tend to have the best spammable CC and dmg?

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no he doesnt know because hes horrible.

Bro I’ve got 2400 in 3s, and duelist on almost every class. I am 100% better then you at pvp.

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so why dont you understand each class offers unique things, such as better setup, more sustain and more cc?

and their armor class reflects these things

correlation is not causation

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Lol weird you left out mobility. I wonder why…given that 4 classes share armour type, by definition it makes non of them unique.

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idk man i just think u have no idea how the game works.