Devs gone radio silent since WOTLK launch?

I did, Blizzard is lying if they say scalable server hardware doesn’t exist. It’s your choice to believe them if you do, and its my choice to believe someone with better credientals.

It’s that simple.

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It’s a combination of that and their existing code that is world of Warcraft.

But you seem happy to tighten the tin foil hard to believe they as a company would rather just have massive queues and possibly cause people to quit just for the fun of it.

Whether it doesn’t exist or they are lying doesn’t matter because they both lead to the same result: they aren’t going to do anything.

Literally from that very post which you clearly haven’t read:

READ the post before you say that the post didn’t specify something :rofl:

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Yep, I have a tin foil hat on because I believe a company chose to save money and cut corners by not investing in proper server hardware.

Truly a crazy conspiracy theory, companies totally don’t do that all the time.

Learn. To. Cope.

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I know siding with the company makes you happy because they run your game, but you shouldn’t argue against your own self-interest like allowing Blizz to propagate terrifying unacceptable queues.

Simple neglect of service.

I’d rather not learn to cope with bad game management by defending and having “faith” in their decisions, like a few have. I’m more interested in the truth.

No conspiracies probably chasing bugs working server lag issues.

You can think whatever you want, whether they are lying or there isn’t a solution to this (my view is that there is no timely solution to this) doesn’t change the reality that they won’t do anything about it.

All I can say is I hope you are right. History has shown otherwise, however.

Don’t bother, he’s hopeless.

I will admit the best part about pursuing an engineering career and not working with the general public for the past 14 years is not having to deal with morons who think they know everything about how an operation works.


I’m glad you’re pursuing engineering or similar, not like that is relevant to game development or corporate PR.

It’s like the old man that walks by the construction site and tries to give the workers advice on how to do things


So I’ve straight up called you out for literally making stuff up and basically lying that you’ve read the post with proof that you’re wrong. And I’ve shown you an official quote from a Blizzard representative who is talking on behalf of literal industry experts on this topic…

And your rebuttal is that is to simply ignore it and accuse me of being a shill?
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
The memes write themselves. Honestly, if you want attention and for people to agree with you, you should probably find a different community to peddle your absurd conspiracy theories to. I bet you’d feel right at home in a flat earth convention.

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Oh okay, let’s see it. I’ll wait for the sources, works cited or similar to backup that scalable servers don’t exist. I didn’t know the blue post had that!

Also, I think you might be the minority because most in the community council disagree with what the blue post stated and the implications therein.

Seems like the jokes really do write themselves and you’re the star of them! At least Kaivax gets paid to defend Blizzard, you do it for free! Or as free as pure copium can be.

with how lovely we’ve been acting, who would want to interact with the friendly bunch we are? yuck yuck yuck.

They should atleast reply to you, 16k posts is a heavy burden to carry…

comes naturally when you’re doing the things you love. like gold. or power. fans. the respect of newbies. they just happen.

the dev’s are probably busy leveling in northrend & maybe they’re exploiting what they never fixed.

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That implies the devs play the game