Devs gone radio silent since WOTLK launch?

Last blue post here was 20 days ago, that’s before they made the decision to stop engaging with us.

Just an assumption, really. It just seems very obvious to me since they shut down a few weeks before launch

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Exactly, it’s not like CMs are concentrating. It appears to be a more forum-wide thing of a lack of communication.

I’m not upset about this, all I’m looking for is transparency because without people will just guess (and guess wrong too) and come up with their own reasons. See Figure A.


Precisely. So unless you think he’s on some sort of paid vacation because he’s not posting here… I don’t really understand the point of this thread. xD

Wrath still has some bugs to be ironed out and the servers are under extreme stress. They’re probably busy. I see no reason to think that there’s some weird conspiracy at play here just because the blues are posting less now when they already hardly ever do.

To ask them to communicate about Wrath’s problems to the community?

If they can do it in the Community Council forums, why can’t they do it here?

And if they can’t, there should be a explanation that I wish to figure out, or at least, speculate over accepting a status quo. Every thread I make is designed to learn and trust me, Ignorance is not bliss.

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They’ll address us when there’s something to tell us. What exactly is it you want them to say that you don’t already know?

I don’t know for sure, but I’d guess that it’s probably the absolute contempt and maliciousness that people on this forum hold for Blizzard. Really, why would they ever bother communicating with us when every single blue post, good or bad, is responded with dozens of times by people flaming them, often over things that are totally off-topic?

To be honest, I’m genuinely amazed that they still post on here at all, let alone allow people to comment on their threads and reply to their posts. :stuck_out_tongue:

Working on what? They already stated in a very long post what the situation is and what the solutions are.

20 days ago. He was talking about Prepatch queues. Still not fixed today.

They put a pretty extensive post together regarding server statuses and queues a little while ago.

I don’t know what people want them to say that hasn’t already been said.

Unless they want to hear Blizzard flipped a magic switch that now allows everyone to log on at once on the mega servers.

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Nobody is asking for a magic switch, just put resources into scalable server hardware.

It appears as if the only reason they haven’t is that they’d rather have queues than invest in hardware to solve the problem.

Happens every time there’s trouble. Their disgustingly ugly bosses make them do it, I’m sure.

They ghosted out after the PvP changes then dropped the H+ stuff and ran lol

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Yet some people are saying “well they posted in the Community Council section!!”

That isn’t speaking to the community, that’s replying to a forum frequented only by Councilmen and women.

Probably one of the best launches in WoW history. Seamless transition, not even a dc at the boat. Got like 17 hours /played so far

If that’s what you think, then you haven’t read the post and also their discussion about the software.

You’re exactly the arm chair server dev they poked fun at.

They know what they did and they don’t care. They took the money and couldn’t provide.

I did, Blizzard is lying if they say scalable server hardware doesn’t exist. It’s your choice to believe them if you do, and its my choice to believe someone with better credientals.

It’s that simple.

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It’s a combination of that and their existing code that is world of Warcraft.

But you seem happy to tighten the tin foil hard to believe they as a company would rather just have massive queues and possibly cause people to quit just for the fun of it.

Whether it doesn’t exist or they are lying doesn’t matter because they both lead to the same result: they aren’t going to do anything.

Literally from that very post which you clearly haven’t read:

READ the post before you say that the post didn’t specify something :rofl:

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Yep, I have a tin foil hat on because I believe a company chose to save money and cut corners by not investing in proper server hardware.

Truly a crazy conspiracy theory, companies totally don’t do that all the time.