Devour Plague Level gained

So decided to make a new SP horde all and notice upon reaching level 10 I learned devour plague, however this cannot be used since requires Shadow form which you don’t learn till 12. Think maybe we are suppose to have shadow form at 10 and learn devour plague at 12?

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It’s almost like Shadowlands isn’t ready!


Was this even an issue before the latest patch? When i leveled a vulpera heritage armor alt, i don’t remember just not being able to cast DP for 2 levels.

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I think that might be a new requirement. I had a weird bug the other day where I couldn’t cast DP because it was telling me I wasn’t in Shadowform even though I was.

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I am having the same issue,

Yea this was hotfixed

They fixed that with the hotfix today (well yesterday technically for me)