Devoker build diversity, filler spells, disintegrate channel

Pyre build is pretty fun in pvp, but could use some minor changes. As an AOE spec its really fun (viability aside). Pew pew pew FIREBALLLLLLLLS. FIRE EVERYWHERE.
Firestorm could use a buff. Instant cast and it would be best if it followed the caster or the target around for the duration.
I personally think that would be enough for now to make the spec more viable.

In general our filler spells feel kinda weak. Spamming pyre/disintegrate is fun. But when I’m not dumping essence into pyre pressing azure strike is SUPER unsatisfying. And living flame less so.

I also would love to see an option for disintegrate to be a DoT and not just a channel. A lot of people didn’t like this idea when I asked them about it, but I still want it!

In general all devoker talent specs could also benefit from more essence generation. Maybe a 10-20% buff in recharge rate.

Just my thoughts. Rip 'em apart boys!

I can’t see myself ever intentionally pressing pyre in pvp outside of epic rbgs. It has literally zero kill potential.

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other then RBGs you would never use pyre, the idea of disintegrate as a dot sounds cool BUT a lot of the time you utilize it as a channeled slow which is amazing they would be better off making pyre a AOE fire DOT. azure is literally just a filler spell you use to fish for procs to disintegrate so if feels fine to me as I almost always have procs running. they are buffing disint damage which might make it feel better.

The specs damage feels fine in arenas and shuffs I think the main issue is after renewing you are a siting duck and dead to melee. if they gave us a bit of survive it would make the spec more viable.


I enjoy the firestorm spec.

I’d love if they buffed it a little bit. Theres a number of easy buffs. It doesn’t need much to be something to lock in against melee cleaves.

When all opponents stack up and you have that 30% chance to cleave with pyre. It can proc multiple times. And just FREAKING FIRE EVERYWHERE

It’s pretty fun for me.

But it could be more fun :slight_smile:

How about this (either baseline or through talents):

  • Instant cast but has a sub-11 second CD.
  • Every enemy hit by Pyre extends Firestorm’s duration or damage (set maximum.)
  • You can have multiple Firestorms out (set maximum.)
  • If you recast Firestorm while you have a current one out, it does increased damage for the duration your last one is going to be active.

The spec is called Devastation after all. I feel like it should be more viscerally Devastating in theme and aesthetic.

And my issue with Single-Target is Disintegrate feels like our everything (at least from a PvP perspective). Azure Strike and Living Flame (procs) are really just to fish for essence to use on Disintegrate. Pyre is rarely worth the global.

I’m fine with Azure Strike as our primary essence generator, but I’d like more of a reason to weave Pyre and Living Flame around Disintegrate. Such as each giving a few seconds of Dragonrage, other buff, or some other kind of utility. With Mastery being nerfed AGAIN, I feel like it’s fair to benefit from it more often.

(Would also like Dragonrage to get the Avenging Wrath treatment and go to a 1 minute cd :] )

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