Devoker buff feels meh. It sucks they nerfed our mana regen so hard i dont think damage was our issue

Devoker has always done pretty nice damage even before the buff we got today.

but dang… i subbed back to play evoker and its cool doing damage but when u get trained and u OOM after doing a handful of self heals it just feels like poop .

i kinda wish they didnt nerf our mana so hard seeing as our range is so short


We got a buff?

Was wondering the same thing… Not sure what op is talking about, lol.

He’s run no raid, no dungeons, 8 SS games. Maybe he’s commenting on bg performance, but I’m still unaware of the supposed buffs.

You can spam healing living flames for a long time before going oom so I’m still unsure what this is in reference to.

Disintegrate was increased to 33% in pvp from 20%. It was about a 10% damage buff to disintegrate.

Ah, I see. I like how they thought THAT was what devo pvp needed lol.

Still unsure of how anyone is going oom super frequently as devastation though.

because self healing or off healing will completely obliterate your mana pool

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i notice the disintegrate buff slightly i think…

i guess what I really want is maybe like one or two more interesting spells to press…
doesn’t necessarily have to be damage i suppose?

oh yeah and i miss having deep breath on a 1 min cd without having to talent into it

Was in the top 10 evokers until I got sick of PvP, dev evoker in PvP is just painful (in a way I find it fun though). That self healing nerf made it much harder to keep yourself alive in PvP.

In PvP you have to heal yourself a ton, much more than your mana pool provides.
You solely rely on your healer to stay alive for the most part outside of kiting. When you go OOM you screw yourself on damage as well.

Dev evoker is still very very strong, especially now, but the survivability in PvP is atrocious, but it’s also what makes the spec fun.

They should just nerf mastery heavily in PvP and buff every other spell to compensate. I’d personally like our casted spells to do most of our damage. It would make the game healthier for the evoker and the people fighting the evoker.


It’s atrocious everywhere, but I feel for the pvp enjoyers.

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I’d honestly love if they added something similar to what augmentation has with the molten shield, even if it only worked on us.

I don’t want the same levels of survivability as augmentation though, their levels of survivability is overkill.

I think the easier answer for the class as a whole is to move Defy Fate to the class tree as a personal heal/cheat death, and make that talent point for aug for the AoE heal.

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I didn’t catch this living flame thing earlier, but defensive living flames cost 30,000 mana and you’re only regenerating 2500/s. 9 Casts will completely oom you.

Compared to pre mana change, it cost 10,000 and you were regenerating 3,000/s. You wouldn’t oom until 10-11 casts, and you could regenerate enough mana to living flame every 3.3 seconds instead of 12 seconds. The mana changes completely gutted our defensive healing.

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