<Deviate Empire> Recruiting

8/8 bwl and 10/10 MC, Recruiting swole gamers for AQ progression. We’re a family-oriented, casually efficient guild looking for dedicated, performing players. Looking for that homey feel where you’re not just another raider? Got memes that are just too puny to pass up and make everyone cringe? Join us today.

Warlocks, Mages, Rogues, and Hunters.
All class applications will be accepted.

Raid Times:
Tuesday and Thursday 8:30PM - Midnight (Server time)

We run a wishlist system which rewards good attendance. We will never disenchant loot infront of someone! Wishlists are prepared by yourself using a provided template and help speed up the overall looting process.

About us:
We consist of a mix of both young and old raiders. Many of us are former guild masters, raid leaders, experienced raiders or no-life tryhards who are just looking to enjoy the game together while killing bosses with ease. We value the social aspects and interactions that come with a game like WoW. We all look forward to having new people to experience classic WoW with.

If you’re interested in getting to know us and feeling like more than just another raider, feel free to contact any of our officers.

Smix as Smix/Smixdroppings
Jazer as Chiliwop/Jazer/Jazerfunk
Mentium as Mentium/Rahlin
Sky as Notyourmom