(Destromath) Old Timers?

Was looking for the destro old forums and bumped into this. This is fearless leader Trigr, Gm of Panic, best shockadin game wide. We were a guild formed in bc from a old guild called dangerous soap. I was responsible for organizing the largest world pvp raid in destromaths history, making “panic ganking service”, retiring the god of durotar, and many other great achievements. If you’d like to catch up and talk about the good ole days check out my stream. Look up “BringYourFriends” on twitch But in all honesty Bc was the best time to play, now only a empty shell remains. Hope to hear from some old faces. Peace.

Cathya !!!

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Hello friends!

Yo. Formerly Invisibilis during BC, later Fox in late WotLK.

Hello friends,

I used to play on Destromath back in the days, mostly with Black Talon and Taken. I remember most of those guilds mentioned above!

GoF still exists. But Vestia says you’re not invited, Cath. Sorry.

Hepkus is a jerk. I was in CSM as Fallen/Fahlen in Vanilla and MM/Nova/Titans as Fallen/Fahlen/Shifting or something between late Vanilla and Cataclysm or something.

Fallen is the real jerk. 15 years of being a jerk.

I am sure not being to play a video game with me is so upsetting (sarcasm). If you are the old Nova Cath, hiya!

Hi! Still here but missed Cata, Mop and WoD and most of Legion

I was Whitehouse, human rogue in Fates Hand. Still play on and off. Have been playing on Stormrage for last couple months.

Dude. I never thought people would actually respond here, so I never checked again. I remember you! Undead rogue back then, right?

I remember you, man. I saw you all the time in BGs. You were one of the good warriors on Alliance side.

I know we were not in the best terms, Trigr, but glad to see you again man. I still remember dueling you all the time in BC and having a lot of fun with all the other world pvpers. Thank you for the good times!

Oh my god. Is that really you, Jojo? :open_mouth: What is my favorite druid up to? Are you planning to play classic? Please, do say yes.

Vestia! Wait. I am confused. I’ve known two Vestias. One was a NE rogue I remember questing and talking with for a while and the other was a dude (don’t remember the class) in a PVE guild called Regret, I think? Which one are you?

I remember you Whitehouse. We did BGs together back in Vanilla. You were decked out back then!

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I was a NE feral druid in the Kashmir guild. I was the main off-tank for the guild and those were some of my best wow memories. I was just a kid so it’s tough for me to remember who I raided with, but I’ve been trying to find some glimpse of content from those days.

I think we eventually disbanded because we couldn’t kill Lady Vashj haha

STILL HERE. That is all.

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The Classic hyper got me to resub.
Raided with Divine at the start of Wrath, then in Full Circle with my Druid (Noobkin) toward the end.

What is this?

Sorry for the bump but I dunno if anyone remembers me. This thread brings back so many memories. I remember all of you and I hope you all are well. I was the Ret pally with hand of rag from EPU. @Traka your rogue was deadly at 29

Man, I miss the old Destromath days. I rolled a Holy Paladin with SWPD. Good times in MC BWL AQ. I miss you all!

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bridgetmack here lol been a long time since i have played after every legendary in game on most toon’s lol moved back to home state was thinking about re sub to game