Destro lock lf Mythic Guild - multiple CE player

Hello, as you can see from the title I am looking for a high quality mythic guild.
My availability is tues/thurs 7pm-11pm Mountain time (6-11pm pacific time).

Here’s a list of my raiding experience.

I cleared mythic Uldir with downing G’huun near the end of November 2018.
I was world rank 107 destro lock for Mythic and rank 9 for heroic, as well as the top destro lock on Sargeras for Uldir. I was raiding with Emphasis at the time.

After the tier my guild merged with another and changed the raid times, so I decided to take a break from mythic. this lasted through BoD and EP, but now I’m wanting to get back into mythic.
I didnt quit in BoD or EP tho, I still cleared heroic numerous time and got 99% parses on almost every fight, as well as a few 100% ilvl parses.

I got 7/7 CE mythic in the Emerald Dream (but lets be honest the real boss of that raid was Illgynoth, not xavius)
2/3m ToV
6/10m NH
6/9m ToS
then decided to take a break from mythic in Antorus.

I proudly achieved 13/13mCE in HFC

I got 10/14 25man heroic (this was before heroic changed to mythic)

And thus ends my raid experience on my warlock.
I’ve played since vanilla but didnt main my warlock till MoP.

Here’s a link to my logs, you can view my ranks all the way back to HFC in WoD
I will default the link to Uldir as it was the last tier I was actually serious in.


If you have any questions you can:
add my btag @Ydg#1382
whisper me in game on sargeras @ Azorahaí (special letter is alt0237)

I know we fall 1 hr too late, but if u think u might be interested plz lets chat

About Us:
We came to Sargeras during last tier from Horde-Illidan after classic rocked our roster pretty hard. We have been together since Antorus and are lookin to fill a few more roster spots. Our goals are to push CE in Ny’alotha and every tier/xpac after! We like to joke around during raid for the most part, but when it comes to prog and workin on bosses we know how to get a bit more serious.

Tuesday: 9pm-12am PST
Wednesday: 9pm-12am PST
Thursday: 9pm-12am PST

What We’re Seeking:
We are looking for raiders that show up on time and ready more than anything else; additionally, we want raiders that carry a good attitude during progression and learn from their mistakes. Activity outside of raid nights is also something we like to see.

Current Progression:
9/12H (picking up optional nights for the rest of the week in hopes of an AOTC week 1)

Our Goals:
Our goals for this tier is to achieve Cutting Edge, the goals after this tier would be constant improvement with the hopes of achieving Hall of Fame for alliance side in the future.

Current Class Needs:
-Disc Priest
-Fury Warrior
If your class is not listed it does not mean we are uninterested, those are just our current largest needs. We are always recruiting players that play their class well for every spec/role. Plz add one of our contacts listed below to see if you’d still fit our roster!

Points of Contact:
-Chugs#11757 (GM)
-Buschh#1254 (Recruitment Officer)

Hey Azor,

We start a bit early, but on a 1 night/week schedule, so if there is any wiggle room in your times, check us out! We aim for CE each tier snd are active outside of raids, with groups running m+, arena, rbgs and even dailies. We are looking for a solid lock to step into our core group.

Hello Azorahaí!

Ascendance (Sargeras) is a mythic raiding guild in need of a lock. Even better, our raid schedule is Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8-10:30pm PST, which I believe fits quite nicely with your availability. I’ve sent you a btag invite and hopefully we can chat further.