Designing a new Warcraft RTS game's story

If you had the chance to create a story for a Warcraft RTS game, Warcraft 4 shall we say, how would you do it?

Instead of stories set in the “present”, I’d love some stories about large events back in the day.
some examples could be the troll wars, the pandarian revolution, or the Aqir war.


I would attempt to re-attempt what was presumably the original plan as implied by the WC3 Manual which I’m certain was reused by GW2.

5 Old Gods constantly fighting each other before metal skinned Gods went and imprisoned them beneath the earth… 5 Dragon Aspects who never fight against one another… Kralkatorrik and Deathwing having the same chin…

I would have the Dragon Aspects be the Old Gods and be Aspects of Elune…

Furthermore since Blizzard put the Rift to the Twisting Nether(where the Nathrezim suspiciously got the Ice Block that Ner’zhul was shoved into from) into the Nexus AKA Malygos’s lair for a reason that was presumably derailed because Blizzard’s no negativity in the Dojo meant they couldn’t correct either Knaak or Christie Golden’s Novels by ordering rewrites I would have the Lich King’s Armor be a transformed Malygos who protects himself with Ice Block before the Nathrezim brings him before Kil’jaeden who stuffs Ner’zhul into him.

I would have Lich King Malygos(corrupted by the Void like Deathwing was) return to his Dragon Form, spit out Arthas’s corpse(which he was controlling through Frostmourne since the beginning of the Scourge Campaign in WC3) and(after showing a flashback to the rift in the Nexus pulling him in forcing him to cast Ice Block resulting in being presented to Kil’jaeden by Nathrezim) kill Lich King Ner’zhul in his mind right at the start of the Scourge Campaign.

Murozond will establish himself at Ahn’Qiraj(since it will be where he was imprisoned at first) and stuff not only Aman’Thul into the place where the Twin Emperors were fought in WoW but also stuff the Forgotten One C’Thun into the place that Ouro was fought in WoW while being fought himself where C’Thun was fought in WoW.

Ysera would go all Mordremoth becoming a vast rampant Old God of Jungles and Alexstrasza would go all Primordus losing her mind completely following the demises of her siblings.

Elune(with a Crescent Moon Water Phase, White Moon Nature Phase, a Blue Moon Arcane Phase, a Blood Moon Fire Phase, a Golden Moon Sand Phase and a New/Dark/Black Moon Lava Phase) would be the Final Boss with her 5 Great Aspects reformed and fought right before her in the Final Map.

The Naga/Elune Campaign would have the Naga be attacked by Sargeras(after he escaped his Tomb on the Broken Isles) who would be held off long enough for Elune to climb out of the Maelstrom and kill him which is followed by Mephistroth and Kil’jaeden immediately siding with her on the spot.

WarCraft 4 would have Rhonin, Krasus, Khadgar, Alleria, Turalyon, Falstad, Magni & Jaina for the Theramore Campaign, Thrall, Cairne & Vol’jin for the Horde Campaign, Illidan, Vashj, Kael’thas & Azshara for Elune’s Campaign and Tyrande, Malfurion and Illidan for the Night Elf Campaign.

This WarCraft 4 would be preceded by me having Knaak be instructed to write a new War of the Ancients Trilogy with the Dragon Aspects being the Old Gods slowly being infected by Elune’s Void corruption with Elune herself(who is sleeping inside the Well of Eternity wanting release with the plan to kill Sargeras upon escape) creating the Naga all be in mind as he writes the Trilogy.

After the Game is released I would celebrate it’s Expansion Pack by having a 5 part Novel written by Christie Golden describing the 5 Old Gods/Dragon Aspects’ Void corruption.

Part 1 of the Novel will explain how Malygos wound up as Armor in the Twisting Nether in the first place as well as his personal humorous thoughts about Arthas’s allies reaction to Death Knight Arthas’s actions while under his control as well as his annoyance about Ner’zhul being in his actual head.

Part 2 of the Novel will explain Deathwing’s thought process during Beyond the Dark Portal.

Part 3 will explain how Ysera was void corrupted into the Emerald Nightmare.

Part 4 will explain Alexstrasza’s history with the Horde.

Part 5 will explain Nozdormu’s fall to madness while showing from his(he is the Aspect of Time) perspective the birth of the 5 Aspects and Elune’s own descent into madness.

If I am designing another RTS, one of the first things I might consider is the amount of Playable Factions at Launch. And the Factions at play.

The Horde and Alliance are obvious. The remnants of the Scourge, the Legion, and the forces of the Old Gods could all field the variety of units to fill slots in an RTS.


I have two ideas for a new RTS.

  • The Mag’har - Lightbound war. Witness how it started and how other races factored into it.
  • The game is focused on an expansion setting continent, and helps set the stage for WoW content. For example Warcraft 4 could be named Shadows of Outland, with the focus being the current state of Outland as it comes under attack by the void.

I want two games.

First - go through every Wow and catch up. Moving in and taking over each zone and setting up camp etc.

Second - Future story. Setups up the next Expac. Every Expac for Wow you get a pre one for the RTS.

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I think I’d pick up right where WC3 left off, ignoring WoW. It would be its own continuity/timeline. This means (for example) that Illidan and Kael’thas don’t become villains.

The golden Age

A story about the Real Timeline, i admit, i would change alot, a loooot of things, i have written my own AU, and i would apply it there :wink:


I would like to see a campaign focused on Jaina after the fall of Lordaeron, after she met the prophet (Medivh) and determined to set sail to Kalimdor. The W3 campaign implies, and chronicles outright states she managed to forge a coalition of alliance survivors with charisma and sheer hope. It’s probably one of her greatest achievements… and yet it is entirely offscreen.

Seeing her gather an expedition of survivors of the Scourge and demon infested lands of Lordaeron. Opposing forces other than the Scourge that may be taking advantage of the chaos. Calling for aid from other alliance races such as the dwarves. Seeing her grow from the rather shy, supporting, mage we saw in the campaign to a leader outright, it feels like it could be great story to tell that hasn’t been explored at all.


Part of me would like to see some kind of AU timeline because WoW’s current story has gone off the rails the last few xpacs. There’s several interesting areas you could have start the new timeline. Either after WarCraft 3, perhaps with Theramore as the bastion of humanity in Kalimdor rather than Stormwind. Perhaps even with Bael’Modan as a full blown dwarven city of its own too. When it comes to the Horde, i’ve always sort of liked the idea of a an Orc City in Un’goro Crater. It’s a nothing zone but could serve as an interesting new take on them.

Another scenario i’d like would be the WoW Timeline ends with WOTLK. The new RTS could pickup 10-20ish years following the death of the Lich King. I think that timeline would be interesting to show the Dwarves rising up as the new power in the Alliance. Having them be a major player in the Alliance RTS campaign would be pretty refreshing if you ask me.

That and i think something with Stromgarde being retaken directly after Northrend in this story could be a great story. Having Stromgarde be the face of the human RTS story rather than Stormwind.

Another fun thing with the RTS taking place in an AU timeline though could be thinking of fresh new ways to introduce races that came later in WoW. Like how the Gilneans/Worgen could be introduced to the story or what their campaign would look like. Same with the Draenei, Nightborne etc.

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The first time it went off the rails was because Knaak wasn’t given the Plotline for WoW’s Story concerning the Old Gods before WoW’s release so that he could properly write the War of the Ancients Trilogy also before WoW’s release.

Novel Writers for an MMO must know what is going on so that they can write what you want them to write otherwise the Story will go all over the place even without new MMO Lore Leads changing on a daily basis!