<Denial of Service> Selling Mythic Amirdrassil! Get your Owl Mount, Cutting Edge, and Gear!

Denial of Service (9/9M Amirdrassil US 49) is a Cutting Edge Mythic Raiding Guild on Burning Blade that has been around for 13 years. We are offering the following services in exchange for gold:

Mythic Amirdrassil

  • 2/9M - 1,000,000
  • 3/9M - 1,500,000
  • 4/9M - 3,000,000
  • 5/9M - 4,000,000
  • 6/9M - 4,500,000
  • 7/9M - 6,000,000
  • 8/9M - 7,000,000
  • 9/9M + Mount - 17,000,000
  • Mythic Fyrakk + Mount - 11,000,000


  • We accept gold on any NA realm and both factions
  • The boost is with the guild directly and no one else! All gold will be paid to the guild and no advertisers will be involved
  • When scheduling your run, a non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your spot and the remaining balance is due at the start of your run
  • Please understand that we need to have some protection against last-minute cancellations where we are not given enough time to find a new buyer


  • We do not sell for real money
  • If we suspect you are not following Blizzard’s Terms of Service and EULA we will cancel the run and provide a full refund
  • We do these sales to help with mythic progression, as the gold goes towards making cauldrons, feasts, vantus runes, and purchasing BoE gear
  • Every run you book with us goes towards killing new bosses, so thank you for supporting us

Contact Us
If you are interested in booking a run, please add any of the following players:

  • Toxaaris - Ellie#1762 (BattleTag) or toxaaris (Discord)
  • Raei - Raei#1797 (BattleTag) or raei (Discord)

Any contact with anyone not on the list above is a scam. With the changes to how sales are handled, many players are impersonating guilds.


I bought a run a couple weeks ago and it was amoozing. Easily top 3 best sales runs I’ve ever been in, #1 as a buyer. Would recommend!

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I have done H-BoD twice with Raei’s group and it was fast and friendly! Perfect option for gearing that alt quick. Plan on going again soon =)

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Hands down one of the best guilds I have ran with… 4 times now! They are quick and efficient, fun to run with, and will joke around with you. If your planning on doing any sort of boost, I highly recommend DoS as they were not only the cheapest, but they made it fun. Thanks DoS, you guys are awesome!

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As a casual player it’s always hard finding the time to gear my alts. The DoS sale runs give me the opportunity to quickly gear and get into some of those higher mythic + keys. Raei and the members hosting these sale runs do a great job and I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for quick, reasonably priced, and professional runs.

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Ditto. I just wanted to get an alt more competitive, and this was a clean, fast, super-positive run of one-shots and very fair distribution of loot. Everything was explained clearly. You could fight with the raid on most fights, which is a great chance to learn, but you could have just blown bubbles if you wanted – we were in very good hands. Highly recommend.

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This was an incredibly fast, and easy run. No issues clearing, and everyone was incredibly helpful! 10/10 would do again.

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sales underway!

I did a run with these guys not too long ago. It was very smooth and i got 3 pieces of azerite gear! I would highly recommend this group to anyone looking to gear an alt, or catch up before 8.3 drops.

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Just returned to the game this tier and bought a Heroic EP run. Was really smooth and awesome. Saved me a lot of headache trying to pug for my AOTC. Loot was distributed fairly and quickly.

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buy with us!

Have bought a few runs with these guys for my alts that I have no time to gear. This is a LOOT FUNNEL. These guys are awesome!! Friendly, trustworthy, professional and would highly recommend!!

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Bought a run a few weeks back and it was very efficient and awesome. Will be purchasing future runs for sure

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Bought a Mythic Jaina run and just ran with these folks a minute ago. Super chill and everything was very smooth. Buy with confidence.


Great group, smooth runs. Would recommend to anyone

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Still selling 12/12 HC Nyalotha loot funnel?

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Yes! Add me Raei#1797 to book a run!

we will get you so much gear

Bump! Come get your mount/loot! :slight_smile:

I have run with Raei and this guild at least a dozen times or more. These guys are amazing and provide a worry free run every single time. I have purchased runs from these guys for the last three expansions and can count on them to help me with the gear and mounts I wouldn’t be able to get otherwise. I can honestly say that I trust these guys completely and look forward to additional runs now and in the future.

I also want to personally thank the guys who are carrying the load in these runs. They are very professional and do a great job with no drama and always very polite and helpful. Thanks guys, you all do a great job!!!


My main toon is PERITE on Zul’ Jin.