<Denial of Service> Selling Castle Nathria, M+, Torghast

Professional and friendly, they go through every single bit of the raid so you get your gold’s worth. 10/10.

Just ran with these guys for the Mythic Jaina mount today. Super quick and easy, got my mount within minutes. Would recommend for anyone looking to get their mount before Shadowlands.

After returning to the game from taking a personal break, I purchased several runs from DoS this expansion (2x Ny’alotha and 1 Glacial Tidestorm), and they always deliver. The clears are very fast, and the loot funnel was very efficient.

I ran a mechagon HM with them for the mount. Very nice people, smooth and perfect run! totally worth it!

Great run ! 2nd time hugo used service ! was great !

Was a great run, would definitely do it again!

Professional run. Setup a date with Raei who was very communicative up until the date. Highly recommend this group of players if you are looking for a Jaina mount or other services. Thanks again.

Extremely professional and good-natured group. Bought a Jaina mount run from them after learniing about them from a friend. Run went quickly and smoothly. Would highly recommend them and will likely run with them again.

Got Carried in Heroic Ny’alotha went very smoothly and got really geared!! great guild. I suggest you use this guild for carries!

Still selling 12/12 HC Nyalotha loot funnel?

Add me if you are pipsqueek#1778

These guys/gals are amazing. Well worth it. I’ll will be back for more. =)

I bought a last minute heroic personal loot run for my hunter alt as well as a mail funnel for the next week. It was fast, professional and very fair.

I bought a personal loot run on my one of my horde toons and the run went extremely smoothly! They were very friendly and efficient and told me what to do so I wasn’t worried I was going to mess something up for the group, I would recommend there service to anyone looking for a good time and looking to gear! 10/10

updated prices!

bought a loot funnel on my paladin and run went super smooth. will buy again!

Very professional and the run was very smooth. Would definitely recommend to others. Funnels change loot specs based on your request.

Just finished up a second run and absolutely got my gold’s worth. Quick, professional and relaxed group! Gave me a quick rundown of what to do during each boss - so no pressure if I didn’t know mechanics! Definitely will be coming back to them again for more runs.

Still need a Jaina buyer for this weekend!!

Bought a heroic N’zoth and hard mode Mechagon from them, both went very smooth. Also got a bonus hertz locker ach from the Mechagon run.