<Denial of Service> Sales Closed! See you in Dragonflight!

Really solid group for whatever you need. Have been to a few runs and very quick/smooth on each one. Don’t hesitate if you’re looking for achievements/mounts!

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Fast and smooth group that gets the run done before you even realize it. Would definitely recommend them!

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I wish I was better at gold making. I like you guys a lot. Lupen is so nice <3


Hello, I did my second run with Denial of Service, and it was fantastic and quick as always. You guys are so incredibly very nice and I appreciate the quick responses I get from Lupen. Your raid team is beyond my wildest dreams and beyond anything I can ever hope to accomplish in World of Warcraft.

Again, I really appreciate your help in getting me some things off my list that I wanted to get. I had a heart transplant and thus I missed a lot of things and am still recovering. Making a lot of gold is hard, because I end up in the hospital constantly. I ate through my reserves to target some specific things. You guys got them for me. Thank you so much.

I cannot really commit to any raid team, because I don’t know my own health and schedule anymore. You guys are beyond incredible.

Once I can afford it, and if it’s still before Shadowlands, I’m going to try to get a Mythic N’Zoth from you guys, and a few other bosses. <3 Just a few million more gold to collect, haha. Longboi who? Not getting it! I want other things.

Thanks again.

Have a fantastic week, Denial of Service.


Lot of slots open for this weekend!

Just finished my mythic N’Zoth with Ny’alotha Allseer mount run with DoS team. The carry went super smooth and I got the mount, R4 essence, and 485 gear! Would definitely recommend (10/10) to anyone who want CE achievement and mythic mount before shadowland.


I just finished a run for the mythic N’zoth - very smooth run! I got the mount and I highly recommend them. I also got a 485 ring too!


Are you guys accepting gold from other realm?

Servers Where We Accept Gold

  • Burning Blade, Lightning’s Blade, Onyxia - Our Connected Realm
  • Area 52
  • Bleeding Hollow
  • Hyjal
  • Illidan
  • Kil’jaeden
  • Mal’ganis
  • Stormreaver
  • Thrall
  • Tichondrius
  • Wyrmrest Accord
  • Zul’jin

I’m definitely interested. Got any spots for Jaina mount run?

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Please add me Raei#1797 to reserve a spot

Got both the allseer and the tidestorm in no time at all. Worked out great!

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Just finished a run with these guys for the Glacial Tidestorm mount from Mythic Jaina. Fast and smooth run. Highly recommend. Will definitely be purchasing a Heroic Ny’alotha run from these guys soon. :slight_smile:

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Now accepting bookings from players on Garona, Icecrown, and Malygos, as they will be joining our realm cluster!

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Just finished Mythic Jaina run for the Glacial Tidestorm mount and could not be happier. Fast run and no issues what so ever. Highly Recommend!! Hope to see you guys at the end of Shadowlands expansion.

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end of expansion near, buy from us now!

Next AOTC spam starts Saturday around 8:15PM eastern time! We will be running for a few hours, hit us up!

hello! It has been a while! I hope you are all well! I ended up in the hospital again but just got back to WoW a few weeks ago. Are you guys still doing these?

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Sales are closed, but we will be back in Shadowlands!

We are back for Season 1 of Shadowlands! Gold only!