Demoralizing shout is bugged and it is why we have this AoE meta

That does not mean the bug that was fixed existed all the way through vanilla.

This change wasn’t made for balance. This change was made because it wasn’t true to the original iteration of Classic. The only one with a fundamental lack of understand is yourself.

People wanted #nochanges. Blizzard discovered there was an unintentional change, and they corrected it. Whether or not it’s detrimental to gameplay is irrelevant. If Blizzard wanted to “fix” Classic, there’s a whole host of issues to be addressed before shout threat.


Can you fix feign death, dead zone range and scatter shot next?
hunters are heavily nerfed with these bugs that weren’t in vanilla

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Did they fix battle shout? Demo shout isn’t holding any aggro and battle shout is still just as bad.

LMAO So many people got owned in this thread it’s insane.

“but but IT WAS LIKE THAT IN CLASSIC trust me, we 2 hand tanked 1-60 in 2004!1111111”


Explain - ‘not a bug’ becomes a bug.

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this hotfix does literally nothing to help people “do the dungeon properly”. Instead of “LFM SM Tank” or whatever you’re going to see A LOT MORE “LF SM, ALL MAGE COMP AND A PRIEST NOONE ELSE WHISPER PLS TY”


It’s not quite that simple. Battle shout will still generate less threat than demo shout currently is on big pulls, and your entire party will need to be pretty close to you for it to do anything at all, can’t just max range blizzard, so less room for error. They’re fixing the bugged classic demo shout and restoring the bugged vanilla battle shout.

It does, despite not seeming very consistent, but it always did.

That’s correct. All the elitist jerks who’ve been going on for days “oh, we never needed CC in vanilla, my warrior never had any aggro problems” have been exploiting a range of bugs these past weeks and are about to find they’re not as good as they like to pretend they were.


Everyone after the thread is made:

“It’s not a bug, it’s how the game used to be.”


“Yeah no it’s a bug.”

Those same people:

Sulking in silence now


You didn’t fix a bug. You just nerfed Warriors to appease Paladin types who have always thought they could be as good at tanking as Warriors and were butthurt because they aren’t.

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Which Paladins thought that? All the Paladins I’m familiar with are aware of their end-game role as healers. Maybe a little less projection on the “butthurt”? However, identifying and fixing a bug is hardly a nerf if you were expecting classic.

People keep focusing on the Battle Shout change, when the real issue was the massive threat generation that Demo Shout was producing.

Demo Shout is supposed to generate roughly 55 threat on everything it hits. This is good for bunching mobs up, but really, nothing else. Because of the bug that it was effected by, what it was actually doing is multiplying the 55 threat per mob by the number of mobs that was hit by the Demo Shout. So if you hit 5 mobs with a single shout, each mob would generate 55*5=275 threat per mob, 1375 total threat group wide. This ridiculous amount of threat every time you shout is enough to brainlessly glue everything in range to you without having to do anything else at all. The way the bug was functioning, its an exponential growth curve on threat generation the more and more mobs you hit with Demo Shout. It was busted AF and this 100000000% was not the way it ever worked at any point in vanilla.

As an aside, I’m confident this is a HUGE reason why APES were able to obliterate Rag so easily. They even talked about the demo shout bug on the stream. The sons may have well not even existed because of this bug, since because of the bugged threat it was generating, they require precisely zero management of any sort and present absolutely no threat to anyone in the raid. This in turn means the submerge is nothing more than a break from fighting Rag.


Every Paladin I’ve ever played with thought they could and should tank as well as a Warrior and heal as well as a Priest. They forget they are a hybrid support class. Being whiny and butthurt is a defining characteristic of the majority of people who main as Paladins.

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You’re trying to pull a fast one here blizzard. Demo shout was BROKEN in vanilla 1.12 up until you fixed in 2.01. So you took the fix for 2.01 and applied it to 1.12 and put in that confusing text about reference client.

We were using the demo shout trick to tank razorgore adds back in vanilla and it will hold threat an all mobs through healing and dps. This violates #NOCHANGES.

Here is the proof.


In the Blizzard Q&A they did with Classicast - the devs explain which bugs and features they choose to restore.

Essentially when they choose to put things into Classic version of vanilla , they see how long ‘features’ or ‘bugs’ existing in the entire vanilla timeframe.

If it only existed for a short time the they don’t re-introduce it, where if it existed for a majority of the vanilla timeline then they do re-introduce it.

So, if this bug occurred say with patch 1.12 and then was fixed in patch 2.01, then they won’t put in back in the Classic version since it only existed in small window during the vanilla timeline.

I hope that made sense


I’m saying they should be honest about their feedback and simply say they applied the 2.01 patch to 1.12.


This really just hurts the warriors trying to tank - specifically for late game.

Although people here will cry about mages being only “aoe groups” to farm, the rest of the classes can easily just form their own, and even better now that tanks will be open.

The problem is everyone has the retail attitude and just wants to spam cleave/aoe everything, not giving warriors enough time to generate threat.

Overall, a bad change for warriors making it harder at level 60 when content matters.


Looks like the past is repeating itself.

People will whine and complain about things until Blizzard “fixes” them into oblivion, especially if they are picking and choosing what things to patch if they were present in the version build classic is supposed to be based on.

Do you want another retail, because this is how you get another retail.