Demonology and its demons

So I get why Demonology has a hard focus on Felguard. There is a part of me that the spec should be able to use all the demons as effectively in group content. Demonology should also be better with all the demons than the other specs.

I feel as though there should be pet synergy with other Demonology spells. It wouldn’t need to be complicated really. Felhunter could synergize with the Dreadstalker talents and dreadbite with the other dogs. Imp could make imps more effective or Implosion, ect.

I just think about this because of the sucubus pvp talent. I am not saying bring a pvp talent to pve, just feel like there should be something there beyond “we desperately need an interrupt.”

They already had this but took it away for some reason.

Our Mastery does that, as it increases the damage all our demons deal, its just that Felguard is even better than the other ones because it deals AOE damage.

Now, personally i prefer to just stick to Felguard than to have different pets being good in different things and be forced to constantly swap between them depending on build/content or worse, swap to Felhunter in boss fights in a dungeon and then felguard/imp on trash.

Truth is Felguard have grown since TBC to be the Demonology pet, it’s identity even then was of the “strongest demon” and while the idea of having different demons for different jobs is nice on paper once its implemented ingame it would just be extra steps to have the same potential we have now.


Can we please just get more demons glyphs.



Yea I want a fel lord instead of a fel guard!!


I would like to see something similar to the Hunter system where we can go and permanently enslave demons in the wild.

All the demons can be assigned a type (tank, melee dps, ranged dps etc) and come with various abilities and utility which we can then summon as situations dictate.

Would allow for much more customisation, and Demo could still have the most potent summons through mastery, and perhaps a BM hunter-esque ability where demo can enslave more powerful demons


We have been asking for it on this post for a long time. If you can, bump that post too, some players gave really good suggestions there :smiley:


I’d be happy just being able to hotswap them. 3 charges of Fel Domination on a 1 minute recharge for demo. I’ve saved many M+ runs with a quick swap to voidwalker to taunt while the tank either runs or has just died, but then it’s a stupidly long cast to get back to the Felguard.


I would like a call demon ability for demonology. Use similar to fel domination, you call one of your primary demons to instantly summon and cast their command demon ability. It would bring a lot of utility to demo that we lose by being forced to exclusively use felguard otherwise we lose dps.

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Done and wow great ideas for sure!! Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope that they act on some of them!! Would love to have new demons in our arsenal to use! Even if the abilities stay the same just something different! But honestly all hunter pets have different and unique abilities so there is no reason blizzard couldnt do the same for us.


I’m starting to think that the reason the current dev group has not implemented more demons for warlocks is because they have no idea how to coded w.o causing massive issues with the current code for the class.

So they only slightly adjust it to minor. Otherwise it would make no sense seeing as hunter have gotten different pet skins through a number of patches ever since Legion.

Whatever is up with our class’s coding, it must be that the pets themselves are hard coded into it and they simply have no clue how to implement new code in it w.o messing up other things.

My top asks:

  1. Dual Wielding Wrathguard.

  2. Rename wrathguard.

  3. Mog Thalkiel with a staff.


Yeah w.e happened with that for about 5 months into this expansion I could transmog my staff with thakiels. Now it no longer works.

This is me being spec demo and choosing thakiels.

That was a bug, but it should have been a feature.

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They had something similar to that in a talent once cant remember the details but it should of been baseline.

Yeah I think it was a pandria talent. It summoned the demon, they cast their command demon ability instantly then fought for you for 20 seconds. Actually having a range interrupt as demo that didn’t also stun would be great.


Grimoire of Service. We “still” have it but instead of being able to pick the demon we summon it just became Grimoire: Felguard instead. With Axe Toss being an interrupt these days I guess Felguard is all we need though (unless you want an imp dispel, a snap taunt, or an interrupt that isn’t a stun because you want the target mob to move in closer…)

Some got moved to PvP only as well.

Let’s be honest tho. If bliz can’t fix the simple bug of call dreadstalkers not dread biting in the 3rd boss room of SD, I doubt we will see any QOL buffs to demo

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Demonology to me is the most aesthetic appeasing class to watch, nothing more sick than seeing a horde of demons destroying your enemies while your casting demon bolts and meteors.