[Demo PvE] Confusion on DPS

I ran the quick sim from raidbots and it says I do pretty much roughly 8k damage before enhanced conduits. Though, whenever I do content I feel like I am stupid lack luster in terms of single target or aoe respectively (by choosing different talents).

Is this a mildly accurate dps check for my warlock? Came back after an epoch so, I apologize for any obvious or idiotic questions.

unrelated: How is my mog?

1 - Your simulation was probably done with raid buffs like arcane intellect, chaos barnd and bloodlust, you can change those configurations and you will see a noticeable drop on the damage in the simulation.

2 - Your Simulation was probably done with a Patchwerk Sim in mind, this sim have 0 movement on it, so if you are comparing to more movement heavy encounters there will be some difference.

3 - Demonology APL is very accurate with very tight timings on Demon Timings and Shard efficiency [there is some shard overflow but less than 1% of the shards overflow], Now if you do find anything odd with it do please report so it can be fixed.

4 - There is a possibility you are not optimizing your rotation, making mistakes and errors that don’t happen on the APL.

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I second Malacath. Your mog looks fine! :slight_smile:

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