Demo or Destro as of Today

Which is better as of now for M+/raid (although I’m used to spec swapping in raids so don’t care quite as much). I’m assuming destro and haven’t been following tuning that closely, but I still see quite a few demo locks.

For M+, Destro is largely the better spec but its not like Demo is bad (by far, it isn’t; in fact its a great spec for m+) .

For Raid? its fight dependent, there are fights where destro is better, there are other fights where demo is better.


Alright, destro it is.

And fine with spec swapping. I main hunter so I’m used to taking a trip to the forge every other boss anyway.

You can setup a soulbind for Demo and one for destro, makes a lot easier too.


Also wilfreds is a lego that’s good for both destro and demo. so if you want to play both, you can try them without haveing to reforge legos.

I go Demo for raids right now and Tyrannical weeks cause I’ve come to love the Demo playstyle.

I usually go Destro for fort/aoe fights but after a bad run in keys the last two days with tanks moving everything out of my RoF stacks, I went Destro with the dogs legendary.

If you can coordinate with the tank to not run everything around the room, Destro is a boss in keys on Fort weeks.

I also find that Destro in low-ish keys can feel underwhelming. I was in a group the other day where everything died before I could get any kind of RoF rolling even if the mobs stood still. Not like it matters because i was just there to get some crap done for my vault in my off hours, but it can feel kinda lame. Unlike in my group doing 20s and watching the chaos consume everything :slight_smile:

In that regard tho, I’m not sure if demo is much better, though I guess they do have a bit more burst potential, and I enjoy it. I feel like in the future I’ll do more demo stuff, once the borrowed power is gone.

I just been demo for everything. Feels so satisfying in m+ and raids. So much fun but I also need to get boots to swap leggos around for raiding on destro but all Sims I’ve done show my demo is about a 1k dps difference. Though Im sure on cleave fights it’s great I feel like I nearly always beat destro locks unless they are much higher ilvl.

I was demo until I hit my 4p and went destro and pretty much haven’t looked back. There’s been a few instances where I played around with demo and the that 4p, but the play style of destro with the 4p keeps bringing me back. Even when it seems like demo may be the better play style, I’ve stuck to destro.

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