Demo for the love of god

Can we please get some better options then just sitting on Decon forever.

Hire a dev who atleast plays the spec lmao.


Lowest class representation for a reason.


I’ve repeatedly read there are two class devs total; it’s not broken down by spec.

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not quite - its more than 2

You seem quite certain. If you have definitive information please share.


you also looked quite certain on the number of two, would you mind sharing from where?

This is where the number “2” came from.

If anyone is confused about the PvP dev team, potentially this video can help shed some light on a few things.


I can see where people would think it’s only 2, he says “me and this other guy” right? to my knowledge its bigger than 2, but much smaller than the number of classes.

On Twitter and some class discords you can piece together 2 or 3 names, as for the lead designer of the team, you can just look at the Credits for the Expansion the title is “Lead Combat Designer” and its Holinka.

Outside of that, i have always been lead to believe it’s 5 people.

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Demo is just a dumb spec.

You are just jealous because you can’t be a Demo Warlock as a panda and instead needs to be a Monk.


Lol why would I wanna play a trash spec.

No certainty at all - except I’m willing to bet my nether regions there are no spec-specific designers.

I’ve just run into that number a few times. Simply a talking point I was wondering if others had insight around.


Yeah, this spawned a good bit of forum posts and vlog responses. This is the first domino of how I got the seed planted.

Oh yeah, there isn’t spec or class designers, kaleiki says that in his video too.

the closest thing that happens is when they create a new class or do heavy rework, then they put someone in charge of that [like Xelnath did for Warlocks in MoP OR Kaleiki did for Shadow Priests in Shadowlands]

Because that way you wouldn’t be a fat panda monk :rofl:

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Trash spec is top ST dmg in SoD rn scrub

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First time in how many expansions lol

Yes… Buff Demo pls!

So I can be stronger! >:]

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BOD EP demo was top

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