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Do you have any heroic raid team spots available? Im interested in coming back and playing 10.2 am looking for a Heroic raid team and mythic plus community, looking for a long term home and good friendly community.

Hey Kaliste!

We do have a heroic raid team! It’s currently on a break and there will be more information coming in the next couple of weeks.
We also are running an alt Heroic raid which is open to all guild members (over 424ilvl) that is running Saturday 8pm-10:30pm AEST. There is no set roster for this.

We have well over 500 members at current, so there is always someone on usually running m+ at all different levels.
Please feel free to reach out to me on discord if you have any further questions!

Hey Keshtar!

I am a Lone warrior looking for a guild for patch 10.2, was wondering if I could join the guild and be part of the ranks of The Collective, I have been a tank for multiple mythic raids for almost all expansions. Right now the guild that I have been with has disbanded and decided not to play WOW anymore. I am a 441 Prot Warrior (ONLY NO DPS) ready to be used during patch 10.2! and I am KEEN on the weekend raids and the mythic + runs :slight_smile:

i sent a friend request on discord (Gahii)

Feel free to add me as well so1orage on discord, I am the Co-GM of the guild

Hey Guys,

Still recruiting 1 Aug, 1 Spriest and 1 DH for trail posistions.

Add me Rembeast#1389 or Discord: Icefang9540 to discuss.

We’re still recruiting for season 3!

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Hey there!

I’m returning since launch and looking for a friendly community. Hoping to get back into some raiding. How do I find you discord? Cheers.

Hey there Gorkgork!

My discord is cynters, you can send me a friend request and I’d be happy to answer any questions that you may have! :slight_smile: