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Your on bonechewer correct? What’s your

Daggerspine, but Bonechewer is a part of our connected realms.

Mithail#1133, or you can reach out to Ironcow#1660 if I am not online.

Oh ok. I sent you an invite

Update: Now 8/10N we are still looking to build out our raid team. We are now in need of:

  • One Healer
  • Melee DPS
  • Tank

9/10, starting Heroic next week!

Now 10/10N and 1/10H as of last night. Progressing smoothly!

I would love to join your guild and progress to being a part of your core team. Obviously, I have a ways to go to build up, but I have experience with raiding. I will look you up tonight!

Santum of Domination in 8 days! Let’s go!!!

I don’t think I ever heard from you Shawn, but we are still recruiting!

3/10 Sanctum now, had a few folks out of town so looking to push a bit harder this week.