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Bump! Come join us! We need more ranged DPS

Still looking for an exceptional resto druid, warrior and RDPS

Bump! Still looking for DPS!

Still looking for exceptional RDPS

Still need a healer and a flex healer <3

Bump! Come join us for SL fun!



Still looking for more exceptional players to fill our roster!

Bump looking for exceptional DPS and a healer (pref rsham or rdruid) to join our team!

Bumpywompy we have candy

Bumpity bump bump!

Bump we would love to see some more DPS apply!!!

Come have a chat!

Still looking for exceptional RDPS, a flex healer and a warrior

Still looking for more peeps to come hang out with us!

Still loo0ooo0oking

Looking for more RDPS

Looking forward to speaking to more peeps <3

Looking for RDPS!!!