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I’m fine with running double blood if that’s the way we find a good fit

Hello, I am a 9/10 Heroic DH Tank, ilvl 241, Raider IO 1730 (pure from pugs, don’t know anyone to play with). If your guild still looking for a tank please let me know. I am also looking for a Keystone team. My current guild only logins for raiding and I am playing every day alone otherwise, so I do not want to join if that’s what your guild is about. I am active and play every day and want to join a healthy community who logs in daily to do keys / raiding other stuff for fun. Thank you.

Alena#1796 (battle net)

Career Hpal LF guild. Looking to get back into retail for 9.1.5. CE in 8.3, 8.2, 8.1, 7/8 Mythic 8.0 most recent raiding history. I went 6/10 heroic on my sham first couple weeks of 9.1 and 3/10 Mythic 9.0 but was having trouble finding a guild with my less than ideal 2nd shift schedule and the abundance of Rsham this expac. Hpal is only 3/10 heroic and i have no dom gear but I am 80 renown venthyr and 245ish ilvl. Mag#1145 is my btag if you are interested ty 4 ur time.

Sunday raid gonna be awesome! LF some new blood