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Maybe the video I watched was wrong, if it is a monthly login bonus than it’s not bad. I just hope it doesn’t end up turning into daily or weekly rewards.

Feel free to read up on the actual post Blizzard made if you want to know what’s actually going on.


FOMO is a choice you make. stop choosing to have that fear.

LOTRO has a daily “gift” with a sub option. I would get so much stuff I couldn’t fit it into my inventory and would have to delete or vendor it.

I don’t see Blizz doing this for everyone with a sub. I can see them implementing this for people with 6 or 12 month recurring subs as a reward.

I don’t know what everyone’s on about. It said we get 500 of the cosmetic currency first time we log in in a month we’re subbed and we can earn another 500 during the month doing lots of different things. Nothing in that says we have to log in every day.

I would recommend reading the blue post about it, as YouTube videos are made by influencers and are designed to influence you for better or worse. :dracthyr_shrug:

one game I play lets you pay to catch up :rofl:

Yeah but too much FoMo builds up and evolves into a FoNgaF and then ya just stop logging in altogether.

… I have no idea what that means. Do you need to see a doctor when that happens?

They are literally adding removed items from the game back to this thing, I’d say it’s not quite FOMO since they also state it will rotate and you will have a chance to get items you missed again, also there was a tab that let you put an item on hold if the market resets and changes that way you can still get the item you wanted.

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so the folks like myself that unsub and resub at whim have to stay subbed NTY

Yeah, I think the trading post is a good idea — WoW has needed a space for new cosmetics that aren’t explicitly tied to anything — but banking on fomo to drive daily active user numbers isn’t cool, as popular as that may be with modern games.

I mean gw2 daily log in is at best a small amount of gold or currency you turn into gold. The only thing that matters is the end of the month reward that gives legendary mats which isn’t all that expensive to buy in general. The system is negligible.

The trading post is literally log in at any point during the month and you get the currency. It’s not a daily log in system either.

Because they have nvr lied or edited a Post to fit whatever they are saying? ask the HS folks about that

I really wish people would actually read before posting. Would save us all a lot of misinformation.


If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that most of these clowns read headlines and then rage about it.

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People keep saying this but I have played this game since SoO and have never seen it happen. No I don’t expect Blizzard to randomly outright lie for no reason. Especially when the TP will be on the PTR and we can see for ourselves that it matches the blue post.

I just edited my first post, and can admit I posted wrong information and won’t be spreading anymore false information in this thread.

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iv played since 05 ok what does that matter?

You don’t have to stay subbed.

That’s the tradeoff of unsubbing and resubbing as you please: There will be things you miss out on.