Delete this thread please

We are an 18+ casual guild LF people interested in PvP, Mythic+, and/or raiding.

Bump for more fanastic people!

Added you on BNET!!

Bump for raid starting Friday the 11th!

What are the raid times?

Times are tentative atm we are thinking for tomorrow invites go out at 6:45 and start at 7 then go from there.

Central time?

Yep that’s right :slight_smile:

Bump for another successful fun raid done! Feeling good. Looking for more people to join us for mythics+ and raiding.

Bump to say that right now our current raid team is full. That being said we are looking to start recruiting for a second raid team in the near future!

Bump for recruiting more tanks for mythic+ and a second raid team!

Bump for a shadow priest! See above.

Bumping this for 2nd raid team!
LF All. Raid times are going to be anywhere aftwr 7-7:30 game time[cst] Thursday-Sunday
Depending on what works for everyone as a whole!

First raid team is full. Recruiting all for second raid team. See top post!

Bump for more awesome people! See top post as changes have been made:)

Bump we are always looking for great people! Once again our original post changed so take a look!!