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We left emerald dream

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Are you still recruiting active casual members?

Starting to see more and more faces log back on as we get closer to 9.1!

As 9.1 approaches we are seeing more and more discord activity. The Syndicate is getting ready to hit 9.1 full steam ahead with RBGs, Arena, M+, and heroic/mythic Raiding looking to take off!

Looking for a fun and productive community look no further!


SoD is a ton of fun. We are trucking along getting ready for mythic SOD to start. Already seeing our key pushers get some high keys done as well!

Great time to join!

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We have hit the M+ season hard! check out our page and logs on warcraftlogs!

Bump zillllla

It’s been a while, my old friend. My Demon Hunter is looking for a guild on Emerald Dream. I’m about to come back to WoW. If your guild is looking for a friendly, sober, humble player… let me know.

Let us bring out the PVP in WPVP together.

Small update, we are slightly behind on our mythic pushing as we hard focused AOTC but we should get AOTC tonight and hard focusing Mythic next week! so far 1/10 mythic.

Wait, if I join do I get to meet Legit?

IF you catch him during his monthly - every other month log in to say hi. ROFL! <3

Side note for recruitment, we got AOTC last night so we are now hard focused on pushing mythic raid content starting tonight! We are currently in need of a DK, ranged dps, and 1-2 healers to fill in.

watch our prog:

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