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We are now 9/10N and 2/10H, we need more DPS!

LFM DPS for our progression team!

DPS, come claim your spot!

223 ilvl
Worgen Balance Druid
Top 3 dps consistently in my guild currently 9/10 normal SoD, no heroic experience in SoD yet. Heroic castle cleared.
440 days played on this druid
age requirement met

Have been in current guild for 3 expansions.

Is REIN strictly a raiding guild or do you have people utilizing discord, running 5 man’s etc through the week?

Because I’m looking for a community. Not just a log in and raid scene three times a week.

Sorry for the late reply… We use Discord daily, Some of us are in ALOT, even when playing other games… Ther are M+ that go on throughout the week. Add me to real ID so we can chat Unus#1433

I’ve checked /who REIN for three days now and haven’t seen anyone online at various times. (One person, but yeah)

Thanks man, but I’m looking for a larger more active group.