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Hey man, my guild is looking for a mage on Bleeding Hollow. Currently 4/12M, should be 5/12 next week. Raid times Tues/Weds 9:30-12:30 EST. Pretty chilled, laid back group. If you’re interested, I’d love to talk to you more. Ziff#1941 on bnet

<Underscore> [US – Illidan, Horde] is recruiting!

Who are we?

We’re a 3-week old guild, built in 8.3. by people who haven’t really done much of BFA past Uldir (the storyline blows, mon). We are now 10/12 Heroic in our 3rd week back. Now in our 4th week of raiding, we are aiming for AOTC as we continue to gear up and plan to hit into Mythic.

We seek to accomplish the following with Underscore:

  1. AOTC Nya’lotha in the next 2 weeks
  2. Collect new, like-minded friends
  3. Competitively push Mythic+ keys
  4. Prepare for the impending launch of Shadowlands in 2020, re-align resources and prepare to push Shadowlands as a Cutting Edge guild

What is our raid time?

7:00 PM PST (10:00 PM EST) on Sundays
7:00 PM PST (10:00 PM EST) on Thursdays

What classes are we recruiting?

DPS: Mage (Fire), Warrior (Fury, Arms), Death Knight, Warlock, Demon Hunter
TANK: None

Ultimately – we are especially looking to recruit like-minded people that understand that there is a culture to be built within a guild. We want people who want to become part of our gamer community, and simultaneously know how to be a productive member of a raid/guild. It looks like WoW is moving forward in the direction where each player needs to have multiple specs/classes available to play for Cutting Edge content, so we are totally alt-friendly.

We ideally looking for people with a 75 Neck, 450 iLvl, and some of their first rank essences if re-rolling to be competitive within our group. 40k DPS basement is ideal for the content we are pushing.

Why now?

Sure, Shadowlands is on the horizon and we could be any of the 10,000 guilds recruiting for ‘returning to Shadowlands’ – but that’s not exactly the demo we’re looking for. If you’re playing the game now, or interested in it now you have the desire to be steadfast and continue to play during downturns. That’s the kind of player/mental fortitude we’re looking for – versus a revolving door of tourists. Come join us, and see what we have to offer.

How to connect?

Phirt#7236 on Discord, or Phirt#1987 on BNET -> happy to chat.

hey Qualitÿ,
I might have just the guild for you!

We just got AotC a couple weeks ago (the guild had a wedding and some RL stuff going on or we might have had it around a month ago). Everyone is back and settled in though.

I’d love to get some more ranged into the group, and you sound like you’re right at the same place as we are as far as progression. The guild ages are from mid 20’s to early 30’s. Pretty laid back group.

Quick Details:
Guild: Secret Door
Realm: Illidan
Faction: Horde
Raid Days: Tues/Thurs
Raid Times: 9pm-12 ET
Progression: 8/8 H, 2/8M Uldir, 9/9H BoD, 2/2H CoS, 8/8H, 1/8 M EP, 12/12H Nya

Would like to chat with you. Feel free to add my discord or btag.
Discord: Anda#0691
Bnet: Anda#1503

Company of Fools is a chill Horde community on Wyrmrest Accord. We enjoy Battlegrounds, Raiding, Mythic+, Arenas and World PvP! We are seeking to grow our community and we are especially interested in finding new raiders for our mythic team.

Company of Fools has a 2 night a week team who are 2/12M in Ny’alotha. We are seeking solid DPS players but we will also consider anyone interested in other roles!

Mythic Raid times are 6–9PST on Thursdays and Mondays. We also typically clear Heroic as necessary on various days each week.

Please add me and reach out if you are interested! retrofunk#1776

–Company of Fools

Hey would love to chat more old guild been around since BC and very close knit currently 3/12M can offer you an immediate spot happy to chat over disc if you want hit me on bnet @ cran#1145

Hey there! We are currently in need of ranged to fill up our roster for Mythic. I will leave our recruitment post below and hope to hear from you!

Hi we are a guild that has been together since 2009. We are 12/12 heroic looking to push mythic content. We Raid Tues and Sun 9pm - 12 am central. We run m+ keys as well. We are a mature guild who enjoys raiding together. We are on area 52. Add me to ID moon#1410

Sounds like we’re a good fit for you, we’re always BSing in discord and you’ll never find it quiet [H] Returning mythic weekend guild lfm

Hi there! I’m sorry to hear about your guild disbanding. We are Stockholm Syndrome, a 4/12M raiding team on Bleeding Hollow. Would love to connect to find out more about you and your interests.

Our progression raids are every Tue/Wed from 8-11pm EST. We also do a heroic run on Saturday nights (optional raid and a drinking night of your into that sorta thing). We also do a lot of mythic keys. Overall it’s just a fun guild to be in.

If you have interest in joining please add my btag: Arin#11487

Rage II Mal’Ganis - Tues/Wed 8pm to 11PM EST - 12/12H - JustOz#11537

Former CE Guild from Legion

Hi quality,

{Reprieve} - Thrall 4/12M AOTC is looking for more for 8.3. Most of us have ether CE experience in the past and/or present. Looking to finish our Mythic raid team with semi-hardcore progression 2-3 nights a week. Our goal is aotc and to push hard into mythic when it drops. Current schedule is Tues/Weds/Thurs (Until on farm) Midnight (12am) to 3am EST. In our off times we run plenty of high keys and alt raid run. We are a mature, zero tolerance drama guild . Most of us are in our 30’s with normal lives outside of Azeroth but we do not tolerate any drama.

Mythic Raid Team Recruitment:
High: Mage (Starting position)
Medium: Death knight, WW Monk, Ret Pally
(But applicants may be considered based on skill/exp)

Healers -Closed (But applicants may be considered based on skill/exp)
Tank - Closed

Mythic raid team members are held to a high standard of performance. You must be capable of surviving encounters with minimal failure damage and maintain proper DPS/HPS for your class. At this point raid spots are earned not given with the amount of raiders we currently have. As we recruit we do look at logs to see how you perform so please have some ready to view when applying. Anyone falling below tolerated levels (based on logs) or causing wipes may be replaced or removed from the raid team roster. Also having a strong OS or having an equal alt is highly recommended for raid comp. We HATE to have people sit because of inability to adapt (I.e. Both of our raid tanks have multiple mythic ready tanks toons.)

Add on’s:
DBM or Bigwigs
ERT (exorsus raid tools)
Angry Assignments (Mostly for healers)

Recruitment is open to all for social and mythic+ runs.

To discuss more with me (Senior Officer) or our gm please add:

About Us
Is A Little Salty (12/12 H evening team, 11/12 H morning team) Is a semi hardcore raiding guild that has been mythic raiding for the past few tiers. After taking a break and moving on to Classic WoW…most of the guild’s players have returned and are back into the full swing of things. Our main team is beginning mythic raiding while our 2nd team is progressing on aotc. Outside of raiding we also push M+ hard as some of our raiders are 2k io or higher, and the majority of the others are 1.6k io or higher and pushing keys daily. Very active guild that has members always looking for keys of all levels, bgs, arenas, and we are in the process of building a RBG team. We are a mature guild that values respect of each other and do not tolerate toxicity.

Main team (12/12 H) 7pm-10pm pst Thurs/Fri
Morning team (11/12 H) 9am-11:30am pst Weds/Thurs
RBG team Tues (time tbd)

Morning team is currently looking for a 2nd tank, a healer, and ranged dps
RBG team is looking for warlocks, mage, rogue, healers

The only things we expect from you is to show up to raids on time, know your class/role, learn the mechanics and perform them, be prepared and respect your guildmates. If you can’t do any one of these simple things then we are not the guild for you.

Contact Us

3/12M Nyalotha

TUE & WED 6-10pm

Currently aiming for CE in Ny’alotha!! Always recruiting strong players!

Tank : Monk
Healer: Holy Paladin, Discipline, Resto Shammy, Hybrid
Ranged DPS: All
Melee DPS: All

We expect all of our raiders to be raid ready! Fully gem and Properly enchanted, Food, flasks, pots, runes and vantus. Also knowledge of your class and fights.

We are a Colorful fun group that likes to progress on mythic raids! Very tight group, need a few Skilled Players for progression.

Contact me any time. Bnet : Chlorish#1277

Lok’tar, Quality!

Cinder and Ash - Mal’ganis Horde raids Fri/Sat 7-10 central. We’re currently 3/12M with work on Hivemind and Shadhar.

We also run M+ throughout the week (lows, 10s, and pushing) and many are active in guild chat and on discord throughout the week.


Hey Qualitÿ!!!
Raiders at Dawn may be what you’re looking for!!

is a kinda newish guild on Zul’Jin, made of a fun group of friends who just want to experience the game while having fun with one another. While we do raid and do mythics, our #1 focus is having fun and socializing with each other :slight_smile: We’re not actively recruiting for our raid team, but we’re happy to see what we can do to help anyone who wants to raid, raid!

Like I said, our number one priority is to have fun and socialize together. We still love to do keys, go for achievements/mounts/pets/mogs, but always focus on our friendships first! We’ve got members who have played together for years and will keep playing for many more to come. :relaxed:

What do we do??

We raid!!! We’re currently 11/12 Normal and 11/12 Heroic for Ny’alotha (stupid N’zoth grrrr)
We KEY! We basically are always doing dungeons and trying to ever get a better weekly chest
We just chill!!! We’re always talking in general chat in discord, or sitting in voice talking about the game, life, or how we’re keeping from going crazy while quarentined rofl :sweat_smile:

Feel free to add me on battle-net if you’re interested and we can talk!!
MimsyBorog#1551 !!
OR on Discord at


We’re LF just a few more dps to round out our roster for mythic and your mage would be a great addition.

Accidently Pro [H] on Area 52. We just formed in February, mixed bag of raiding experience from new guys to those with CE achievs. We’re just looking to down some mythic bosses and push to CE before Shadowlands. We raid two nights a week - Thur & Mon 8-11pm EST. We also have an offnight raid night and do guild m+ groups.

If you’d like to chat further, my bnet is Guts#1679 or you can find me on discord with Guts1679#3950

Hello there!

My guild, girls are scary (3/12) on Area-52 are looking for a mage for our core mythic progression team. We actually hang out in discord all the time and do keys, pvp, dailies, etc together when we aren’t raiding

Our raid times are 9:30-12:30 EST wed/thurs

If you’re interested please message me on discord at Hush#0254 or bnet at Hush#1267

Hey there, if you’re interested in semi-hardcore raiding we might be a good fit. We’d love to pick up ranged dps.

Computus Demum has been a progression-oriented raiding guild for almost 14 years. Our main raid nights are Wednesdays and Sundays 8-11PM EST. We do M+ Mondays, and there’s generally action to be had every other night. We’re 5/12 M right now

The majority of our roster are adults who have real outside commitments to things like careers and family, which we generally accommodate. However, our expectation is that you put some effort into grinding and knowing your class and playing it well. We have been slowly pushing our way higher each Mythic tier and expect to arrive at a point where we can hit CE and hopefully sustain it. We do not tolerate drama or toxicity.

  • We require a 75 neck for raid invite*

Fill out an application on our website link and hit up Begzilla(Chibi#1952) or Ando(Dolgare#1940) for more info.

Application(remove the space between h and ttps):
h ttps://

Our raid leader streams our raids, as well as mythic +'s if you’re interested in checking us out:


Tilted Halos is 12/12H on Stormrage! We are a former US 150 that has returned to the raiding scene! We are looking for stable, consistent team players to add to our MYTHIC raiding team!

High Needs:

Ret Pally
Fire Mage
Shadow Priest
BM Hunter

We are always seeking exceptional players regardless of class and spec!
Apply at : h.ttps:// (remove the “.” in https)

You can search us on youtube to hear us during progression, just look up Tilted Halos, and our mythic kills will be up there, the first time we downed them with discord open. You can also follow me on twitch at to check in and watch us live in action on wow, or other games that we play within our community!

Here is our spam! I look forward to chatting! We believe in keeping a great raiding atmosphere while maintaining a respectful progression pace. Does this sound like something that interests you? Don’t be shy to message me for more details!

Sutts#11615- Officer
Celheals#1352 - Guild Leader (and a member of SAGA; a Blizzard focused stream team)

We are female friendly and are supporters of the LGBTTQ+ community. We prefer our raiders to be at least 18 years of age, and come to raids ready for progression!

Our raid days are Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00-12:00pm server (the server is a Eastern Standard Time). ~Personal Loot is the loot system.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested. We look forward to hearing from any and all prospective players. On behalf of the entire ~Tilted Halos~ raid team, we thank you for your time and interest.