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delete please


Great people and chill environment. Looking forward to pushing with yall.

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Looking for amazing DPS to finish Heroic and head into Mythic! Holy pally would be amazing also!

Bump - Having a great time playing with yall

Looking for amazing DPS to round out our roster, Holy pally also or exceptional healers! Thanks!

Bump - Very active guild, great guys to play with

Still looking for those dps to round out our roster! We have a solid group in the making, need the final pieces to push CE this tier and beyond

Bump - Good, fun people to play with that still get progress every week.

Need amazing DPS for mythic push starting soon! Add me on bnet kanyen21#1746 or dm on discord DaBeez#3343

Awesome guild, chill but runs but great pushes. They will be mythic in no time!

WE NEED YOU! lets go!