Delete Please

Delete please

Still looking!

Patch is coming Tuesday! So excited!

up up and away

I am interested in joining. Which classes are you looking for?

The original post has what we need listed. Thanks.

Patch day is tomorrow!

Updated raid times!

Still need a healer and a few more dps. Check the original post for the classes we would like! Thanks!

Updated post! Where are the warlocks? We need at least one!

Hiya, found this post while just browsing for guilds. I’m primarily raiding in classic but i’m looking for a bench spot or just a casual guild. Are you recruiting for bench and/or accepting casual players?

yes depends one what you mean for bench

Im looking to come back to the Alliance and I could play a warlock if your still in need for one. I have a few questions who should I message when joining the discord?

one of the co-gm’s

Sorry, didn’t clarify. Heals evoker is what i’m aiming for (dps offspec as it were). I said “bench” in the sense of, “backup healer/dps.” If that’s not an option, all good.

ill be honest with you we already got 2-3 backup healers, really up to you if you want too

The original post updated. Still need a few more dps. If you do not see your class/spec listed you can still join!

Expansion launch today!!!

Check us out! Great time to join!

need a few more