Delete me please

Delete this post please, it is no longer required

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Still looking for players, please apply if interested.

Boop boop boopity boop

I like to muvit muvit

bump bump bumpity bump bump

meow meow the meow

I believe in miracles

Where’re you from?

You sexy thing (sexy thing you)

451 DK tank can OS Frost and wanting to learn unholy, getting back into raid content. Can be an absolute gigachad just say the word o7

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Heya - add me on bnet (Cibai#1531) and let’s have a chat! You will need to get your ilvl up to 470 though.

Awesome added you!

@Cinoevil smells

I like to muvit muvit

Ghella smells

Shimron smells

Random fact of the day:
Three extremely large explosive eruptions have occurred at Yellowstone in the past 2.1 million years with a recurrence interval of about 600,000 to 800,000 years. More frequent eruptions of basalt and rhyolite lava flows have occurred before and after the large caldera-forming events.