Delete For New

Delete For New

Come checkout a great group of people.

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Still looking for like minded raiders… Hit me up so we can chat!

ill try to catch u online interested

still have some DPS spots open!

bump awesome guild

kill bosses and have while doing it with great people

8.2 is knocking. If you need a new raid team, give us a shot.

Still looking for DPS, also a DPS with a solid Healing OS they like to play sometimes!

Great guild, come check us out for 8.2!

I’ve been raiding and having fun with this guild for a long time. Want to have fun and get things done in 8.2?

great guild great people come kill stuff in 8.2 with us

8.2 is almost here… Hit us up to talk about raiding!

Kommen Sie zu uns in den neuen Patch

8.2 is just around the corner. Come secure a raid spot for the new patch!

Join us! We poke things they die, loot happens. All while in a nice nurturing environment designed to make your boss murdering skills work for you.

Great start to The Eternal Palace!

come raid with us kill bosses have fun with great players

3/8 Heroic come secure a spot with a great group!

6/8 Heroic after last raid. Join now before we clear EP.