Delete 10 char

delete 10 char

Hey I may be interested! I just got back in to prep for Dragonflight. What days/times are you guys usually active for raids or M+?

10 man raid group #1 is in place. 10 man group 2 forming as well as our 25 man. M+ groups are running. Legacy raids for mounts and xmogs still going. Crafters are crafting and discord is active pretty much 16 hours a day.

If you’re on Dentarg-Whisperwind or considering an xfer change to an active yet no over populated server let’s chat!

Discord: Ehlissa#9836

Great group of people to play with. Weekly scheduled raids, M+ runs daily.
They even have connections with other guilds in other time zones to help with filling in time differences.

What he just said.

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good people

Im blue. If I were green I would die

I aint easy being green

Byob but we do have cookies.

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Biscuits and marmalade.

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Peas and Carrots.

Making our AOTC push.

morning is it

Did someone say 4/8 heroic?

They said, Join the guild!