Delayed another hour

Delay delay delay… DELAY NO MORE

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I dunno how idiots defend this crap. At some point you gotta call them out. They still don’t seem to grasp that people will be less angry if they make a larger window to fix something instead of showing incompetence and coming back every hour with an excuse. I would have went to bed and woke up early if they knew how to estimate labor correctly.


Couldn’t they just have said “We broke all sorts of things and will be extending the maintenance until 7am PDT tomorrow morning. We are sorry for the inconvenience.” instead of pushing back their own deadline every two hours all day?


That would have been perfect imo. Don’t keep people waiting each hour or two for an update. Just admit you screwed the pooch and extend it out for a reasonable time to fix it.

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Thanks again blizzard, or actiblizzard, for not letting me enjoy yet another release date <3

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my worgen is offended by your post sir… “Screwed the pooch”.

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Just in the norm for Blizzard, most of you may not have been around when wow first launched. I have been, but I stopped playing because of all their issues back in 07. I just came back in 2020 to play shadowlands, and what did I find, the same ole problems. Blizzard since day one has not had there STUFF together, well to be honest I prefer to use a choice few other words but lets keep it PG. Every time a new game or patch comes out its same ole BS…JUST MY OPINION

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